A Guide on How to Look Like a Star in Baggy Jeans

When baggy jeans first came into the limelight only hip hop fans loved them. People were just too skeptic to wear them for fear of being associated with rebellion synonymous with early hip hop. But somewhere along the line, things changed and people liked them. At some point every Tom, Dick and Harry could be seen in baggy jeans. Then something happened again and they started fading off the limelight, thanks to skinny jeans. It has now reached a point where the two trends are fighting for attention in equal measured. That said, fret not if at any point in time you feel confused over what to choose and while still at it, take note of the following.

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Not All Colors Are Ideal

It is hard to explain this because it sounds almost self explanatory. Take time to observe celebrities who like wearing baggy jeans. You will notice that their jeans are either black, navy blue, blue, brown, dark grey and in some instances white. That is the way to go about with baggy jeans for men. Simply keep off colors like

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange

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Leave such colors to skinny jeans. They look much better in them. What’s more, it is hard to find baggy jeans in all the colors of the rainbow. There is an unspoken rule when you wear these jeans since majority of its market comes from the hip hop industry. So make sure you know what is in and out of the hip hop fashion once in a while.

Always Have Shoes On

Slip in shoes never go well with this kind of jeans for men. Only sneakers and boots do. Things however change when it comes to baggy jeans for women. They have a wide range of options depending on their preferences. To them, anything goes; from sandals to cuffed wedges and flat shoes. The only exception is high Prada high heels. This is just one of the many advantages of women when it comes to fashion versatility and coverage.

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Do Not Tuck In

Once again, the off here favor women. If you are a man, just don’t tuck in when you have this kind of jeans on. It just does not look good. On that line, make sure that you also have a baggy shirt or t shirt on. You could end up looking like a clown with baggy pants and a small, fitting shirt or t shirt. The tucked in look are for nerds and geeks who doesn’t have any idea of the word called fashion. Don’t be one of them or be victimized by the clothing look that they have owned.

Keep It Strictly Casual

Do not put them on to work. This applies to both men and women. The furthest women can go to break this rule is wearing baggy trouser suits to work but not jeans. For men, there is no option at all. Just don’t put on your baggy denim jeans to work or any other formal place where you have to impress someone.

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Be keen on how you dress when it comes to baggy attire. The rules are just the ones you would observe when it comes to camo shorts or any other brand that calls for caution when sporting their outfit. Note that these simple rules should also be observed when shopping for baggy jeans for girls. Just like adults, they often leave impressions which go on to reflect on how their parents raise them. That said, choose only the best baggy attire for yourself and young ones and wear them at the right time to the right places.