Arm Yourself with a Pair of Walking Shorts

Walking, as simple as it may be, can be a great fitness solution. It could contribute to a healthier lifestyle. However, doesn’t it get on your nerves when you’re out for a walk and you feel heat piling up between your thighs? Walking shorts are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay comfortable while taking a simple walk. Walk shorts are pants that are more often than not cropped at any length above the knee.

Types of Walking Shorts

Some shorts have pockets and some don’t have, your choice relies on you need. For instance if you like to run with your hands simultaneously moving, then it would be best for you to get shorts that don’t have pockets. There are some features that should be commonly sort after by everyone hoping to buy a pair.

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Below are some types of shorts for walking available in the market:

  • Bermuda shorts – They are semi casual trousers and can be worn by both men and women.  Best shorts when taking a light walk.
  • Cargo shorts – If you’re on a hiking mission that will be in a rugged environment than it would be better to wear cargo shorts or other shorts suitable for hiking. They need to be tough, durable and comfortable. They will most likely have lots of pockets for the purpose of carrying important items such as a map or emergency items.
  • Booty shorts – Also known as boy shorts or boy legs briefs. They are women’s shorts and they looks like boxer shorts for men.

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  • Jean/denim shorts – They are shorts made from jeans or denim. They usually look like cropped jean pants.
  • Knee-length shorts – They can make short legs look shorter, but if paired with a pair of wedges they make the leg looks longer.
  • Mid-length shorts – They are known as day shorts and they fully cover flabby areas of the legs.
  • Camo shorts – They are known as camouflage shorts and usually worn by men.

Three things are important when it comes to walking shorts:

  • They need to be breathable and lightweight. This reduces the discomfort of heat as there will be adequate air supply. The best material is cotton as it allows the skin to breathe.

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  • The material should also be quick drying. It wouldn’t serve your best interests if you were freezing all because the sweat absorbed by your clothes is taking forever to dry up.
  • It would be much better to have shorts that have an adjustable waist system. This will guarantee you’re comfortable. You won’t have to worry about your pants falling during your activity.
  • If walking in cold condition then one may consider wearing cropped trousers that still allow airflow and freedom to move around.
  • Ladies can alleviate walking comfort by wearing walking shorts for women. Some of the best shorts for ladies include the brooks Pacer Shorts, Nike Women’s Basketball Shorts, Royal Robbins Backcountry Shorts, ASICS Women’s Split Short and Nike Tempo Shorts.

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  • Mens walking shorts are also available in an array of designs for a variety of uses. They include the Regatta men’s shorts, Helly Hansen pace training shorts, Ron Hill advance short, Phantom Boardwalk and many others.

If you’re a plus-size person, you don’t need to be concerned about the availability of shorts suitable for your body. You will need plus size walking shorts that moves along with you without riding up or clinging to your body. For plus-size people, skin chaffing is a real problem especially in the summer. Bike-style shorts, cargo shorts and yoga capris can be very convenient. Fitness shorts such as REI Sahara Shorts, Dual-Layer Shorts and Nike Rival Running Shorts come in sizes that comfortably fit plus-sized bodies.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can get walking shorts that will change your walking experience. It would be great for you to take the initiative to make sure you are comfortable as you pursue your health and fitness goals.