What to Remember When Wearing Camouflage Shirts

It goes without saying that camouflage shirts are just as popular as camo shorts and jeans. Their popularity is up there with the finest fashion attires. That is exactly why not having them is great fashion crime. You just cannot afford to miss them, especially during summer when all you want to do is wear a comfortable shirt and enjoy barbecues at your backyard.

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There is however a new breed of men who have taken this whole camouflage attire business too far. They have misled other men and women into a not so appealing way of dressing in these shirts. To save yourself from being associated with this breed, here are a few suggestions that you can try.

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Do’s and don’ts to remember


  • Never put on a tie with a camouflage shirt

This is just going overboard for a lack of a better word. The reason is obvious even for the Average Joe who knows nothing about fashion. Truth is, camouflage shirts are meant to be strictly casual.There is no way you can blend an official look into the attire and still manage to look good. There is only one exception to people who can do that. You guessed it right; clowns. Needless to say, if you don’t want to be a laughing stock, never attempt wearing this kind of accessory with your camouflage shirt.

  • Don’t tuck it in

Now this is where most men start wincing. There is nothing bad about that because people learn from mistakes. It is acceptable to tuck in camouflage t shirts but not so when it comes to camouflage shirts. Just like camouflage shorts, they are meant to be strictly casual. This bring about another don’t rule.

  • Don’t wear it to work

Unless it is one of those rare theme days at work, just don’t put on your camouflage shirt when going to work. You can only do so if your work environment allows you to put on just about anything. Like they say, impressions really matter at work. No one will take the guy in a camouflage shirt seriously.

  • Make sure you match your outfit well

Women have no problem with this at all. There are just so many shoes and pants that go well with camouflage shirts for women. Men on the other hand often have an uphill task, which is totally needless. Like any fashion expert will tell you, always go for dark colors if you are a man and bright colors if you are a woman. It is that simple. You will find out how relatively easy it is to find matching pants and accessories once you start following this tip.

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Nylon camouflage shirts are just not very advisable. They are not that breathable and comfortable compared to polyester and cotton. That is in fact why most camouflage shirts for men are made from cotton or polyester. They are easy to wash and are extremely comfortable. If you are planning to wear your shirt as you go about your outdoor activities, you definitely want something really comfortable at all times.

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In conclusion

You may not know it but there is an unwritten code that men and women must adhere to when it comes to how they dress. Some attires are strictly casual while others are semi casual for lack of a better word. Problem is, there is a thin and almost invisible line that separates the two kinds of attires. The above mentioned guide will save your day if for one reason or another you are in the gray area in regard to how and when you should wear your camouflage shirt.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Camouflage Jeans

Camouflage t shirts, pants and shorts are here to stay. Make no mistake about that. They are timeless statements that will probably outlive mankind. What makes them unique is one thing that escapes fashion big wigs. In a way, they make the wearer feel good; they make him or her have a high self esteem and most importantly, they make the wearer look ravishingly good. That explains why women are always attracted to men in camouflage jeans and boots. It is something that happens to them subconsciously. Obviously, it is a good thing. So what makes a good pair of these jeans?

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Features to look for

  • UV resistance

This is something people hardly consider when shopping for camouflage shirts and jeans. In fact, only a handful of people know that there are UV resistant camo shorts, pants and t shirts. Since people buy camo attire for outdoor activities, there is no doubt at all that they will spend hours in the sun hunting, fishing or hiking.

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This means that they will expose their skin to harmful UV rays often associated with skin cancer. That is of course something scary, so the next time you are at a boutique shopping for camouflage jeans, insist on a UV resistant pair. It pays to know that you are not only buying something for the sake of being trendy, but more importantly, you are getting a pair of jeans that can also help in protecting your skin and overall well being.

  • Breathability

Like already said, you will spend hours hunting or fishing or even hiking. Your jeans should therefore be breathable enough to prevent excess sweating and to make you comfortable. It is highly recommended that you keep away from camouflage skinny jeans as they are hardly breathable. They are ideal yes, but not for outdoor activities. It is also recommended that you go for patched camo jeans as they are more breathable than plain ones. This applies for both camouflage jeans for men and camouflage jeans for women.

stud pocket camouflage skinny jeans

  • Design

It is impossible and unthinkable to ignore well designed camouflage jeans and choose simple ones. In a nutshell, design matters because you would still want to look good while hunting or even just walking around the neighborhood in your camo jeans. That said, go for patched jeans as already said then make sure that your pair has at least six pockets. You will certainly want to stuff your phone or car keys somewhere safe as you have fun. The pockets will come in handy for such purposes.

Make sure, too, that your desired pair of camo jeans will cover you well. At the end of the day it is all about achieving a camouflage effect. You want to be one with nature and the background you are in at any given time. That said, be smart about the kind of colors you choose. Make sure that whatever color you choose will make it hard for anyone or any animal to sport you while hiding.

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More tips to consider

There is more into camouflage jeans than just the common army look. Design, color and even comfort are just but some of these extra factors. They may seem subtle but at the end of the day, they are worth considering. Keep in mind too that you must also find the appropriate footwear to match your camo jeans. Ideally, you can go for comfy sneakers and rubber shoes, as well as hiking boots that are of accurate size and shape. Doing so will help in ensuring that you achieve your desired level of comfort and flexibility especially when you are doing your preferred outdoor activities.

Useful Tips When Wearing Camouflage T Shirts

A walk around your neighborhood will usher you into young boys and girls sporting different shades of camouflage t shirts. It is a trend that has taken both the young and the old by storm. Everyone wants to be part of the fuss and make an alluring if not lasting impression. Unfortunately, people just buy camouflage t shirts and wear them with anything. They hardly take into account the mix and match factor, as well as the look good in a camo t shirt factor.

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To them, it is all about picking up any camo t shirt and calling it a day. Don’t be part of that wave. Make use of the following tips and remember that it is never enough to wear something trendy, you also need to look trendy and stylish, too.

Long sleeved Vs short sleeved

Unless it is winter, don’t choose long sleeves camouflage t shirts. Yes, there are some long sleeved camo t shirts that look really good. But how affordable are they? Most of them are designer camo t shirts that target the high end members of the society. There is no harm in going for them if you have the cash. But as long as plain and cheap camouflage t shirts are concerned, short sleeves take the medal. Besides, they are more comfortable and can give enough flexibility for you to move around freely.

street sport camo shorts

Dark Vs bright colors

This can be confusing for coy men and boys. It can also be daunting and confusing for ladies who are trying out camo t shirts for the first time. Dark colors are always recommended for boys and men while bright ones remain a special preserve for women and girls.

The reason is pretty much obvious. Men and boys are always into mad fun. Getting dirty is sometimes their idea of fun. Dark colors often save their day and conceal the dirt. Plus, washing dark colored camo t shirts is easier compared to washing brightly colored ones. So the next time you are out shopping for camouflage t shirts for women, give bright colors the upper hand.

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Good cover

The main aim of a camouflage t shirt is to hide your presence and make you look as part and parcel of the background. Always keep this into account anytime you want camo shorts and t shirts for a forthcoming hike or hunting mission. This is where you may have to break the first rule and consider going for long sleeved camouflage t shirts. Do the same if you are going out for the hunt or camp with your kids. Consider long sleeved kids camouflage t shirts and like already hinted, make sure they are dark colored.

Know how to match your tee

Get trendy camouflage pants to match your camo t shirts. This should not be a problem, given that camouflage pants are in all major stores and boutiques. The only thing you may want to consider is the fabric of the t shirt and that of the pants. That is simple as you already know. Simply go for cotton camo t shirts and denim or canvas camouflage pants. Whatever you choose, just ensure that you are comfortable.

woodland cheap camouflage t shirts

Do not go for just about any camo t shirt. Go for ones that make you look good and feel comfortable. Then make sure you find the perfect pants to match your camouflage t shirt. All in all, these tips should be more than enough to help you sport these camouflage attires in several stylish ways. Remember, mix and match so you can always come up with something fresh every day.

Secret Tips to Help You Look Great in Womens Camouflage Pants

It is easy to get confused with just a glance at a woman’s wardrobe. You will find camo shorts, chino pants and basically all forms of fashion statements possibly from all the four corners of the earth. One thing will however catch your eye and leave a lasting impression; womens camouflage pants. The reason is more or less obvious. Camouflage pants are mostly associated with men. For that reason alone, women who opt to wear these pants can surely prove something – they are just as strong and as daring as men can be.

special womens camouflage pants

Coming across camouflage pants therefore in a woman’s wardrobe is an indication that the wearer is a serious woman. She is not only fashion conscious and outgoing but also daring. Problem comes in when the wearer does not have a clue on how to look good in camo pants. Worry no more as these tips can absolutely give you a clearer insight when it comes to fashionably wearing these unique pants.

Styling tips


  • Say no to heels

This one is almost obvious. Sure, there are public figures who have managed to pull gorgeous looks with womens camouflage pants and high heeled shoes. But how often do they walk around in such combination? Most of the time, they are just in studios, music videos or reality shows. It is just impossible to combine the two and look good. Make things simple and put on your camo pant with a good pair of rubber shoes or sneakers if you have to. Wedges too, are ideal with womens camouflage pants.

sizeable camo shorts

  • Colors and shades

Generally, women are very specific when it comes to colors. So don’t be hard on yourself each time you find it hard to wear your camo pants with some colors. Dark colors will always look good on you if you are light skinned, so don’t be afraid to try dark womens camouflage capri pants. You can always complete dark colors with say black or red bandanas. After all, you want to look just as tough as an army woman.

  • Choosing what jewelry and accessories to wear

There is one mistake that most women make with womens camouflage cargo pants all the time. Don’t put on the pants and complete your look with magnificent jewelry like mossanite, diamond or emerald. It is not possible to look tough and maintain an elegant classy look at the same time. Just look at any army woman if in doubt. Accessorize yourself with the bare minimum. A simple golden chain or a silver one should suffice.

vintage womens camouflage cargo pants

  • Style and design

Not all camouflage womens pants are the same in terms of style and design. Some are very simple while some are extremely sophisticated. Either way, your preferred style should bring out the best in you and offer you comfort at the same time. One key prerequisite of such a design is water resistance. The other is its ability to allow you move and bend without stretching an inch.

These are super qualities that cheap womens camouflage pants hardly offer. It is therefore a good idea to stick to reputable brands. It makes perfect sense to spend several dollars on a pair of camouflage shorts and pants that will last longer than to spend less on several pairs that will only last for a month or two.

fatigue camouflage womens pants

Keeping it stylish but simple

Looking good in women’s camouflage attire is all about keeping things simple. For instance, do not accessorize yourself too much or wear inappropriate footwear with camouflage attires. Just keep things simple and everything will turn out just fine. Lastly, don’t forget to consider comfort and flexibility at all times even when you are thinking of being stylish and fashionable.

Simple Tips on How to Look Cool In Camouflage Pants for Men

Fashion trends have come, gone and come again. Others just came, enjoyed a little limelight and faded to oblivion. Not so with camouflage pants for men. Just like the old saying goes, they came, they saw and they conquered. In other words, they firmly booked their place as timeless pieces of fashion. Today, their popularity remains stronger than ever, with a lot of men wearing and sporting them anytime of the day.

browning camouflage pants for men

Fashion powerhouses and designers then embraced them and ensured that they forever remain as must have attired for all men and boys. It is simply a success story; one that all men want to associated with 24/7. So, just how do you pull that billion dollar look in camouflage pants for men? What should you avoid? Is there an appropriate time for the pants? Read on for the answers and be more aware when it comes to wearing and styling these pants.

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How to wear camouflage pants


  • Wear them with boots

Have you ever noticed that mannequins dressed in camouflage pants for men always have boots on? There is a reason for that; camouflage pants and boots are like bowties and tuxedos. One can’t do without the other. Plus, with boots on, you easily pull a military look that boys are always trying to achieve. Timberland boots stand out as the best boots to match with camouflage pants for men. Sadly, they are costly, which means you have all the time in the world to try on different boot brands.

selected camouflage cargo pants for men

  • Open shoes

They are cool, too. It is in fact common to spot men in winter with camo shorts and open shoes. There is only one disclaimer, though. Never put on camouflage pants and complete your look with open shoes and socks. No one knows where this idea came from. One thing is for sure though; the trend is outright wrong. Then remember that not all camo pants go well with open shoes. Cotton camo pants for instance look much better with loafers on than with open shoes. If you really like to wear open shoes, make sure you choose a pair that will compliment your pants and not the other way around.

  • Color matters

Fortunately, men’s choice of colors is not as complicated as women’s. It is almost obvious and straightforward even for men who consider themselves coy. You can always cut the long chase by going for dark colors. But if for reasons best known to you to choose bright colors, you can always find a way of mixing bright and dark colors. You can go for dark colored military camouflage pants for men and complete that outfit with a white t shirt.

cool military camouflage pants for men

  • Design

Don’t you just like it when after a long walk you can sit down and unzip your camo pants at knee length to instantly turn them into shorts? Better still, isn’t it fun to go camping with only four pairs of camo pants that you can turn inside out? All these are super designs meant to make you look good and also provide you with convenience. It even gets better with the fact that fashion camouflage pants for men are not expensive at all. You therefore have no reason at all not to sport cool camouflage cargo pants for men during summer or during informal gatherings over a weekend.

Have at least two pairs of camo pants in your wardrobe. They will come to your rescue the next time you want to gather your thoughts as you walk along the beach. Better still, they are the best attire for safaris hands down.