How to Get the Best High Waisted Black Shorts

Everything about high waist black denim shorts has got something to do with simplicity. From the way they are worn to how they are washed and stored, it is all about keeping it simple yet unique and trendy. Make no mistake about it though, you can wear you high waisted black shorts to formal events. That is if you blend them well with the right top and some accessories.

So just what does it take to have a pair of these black shorts that will make you look good and give you value for your money? What must one do to look cool in these shorts? Are there pitfalls to keep away from? These are just some of the questions that this article is going to answer for you.

shopping for high waisted black shorts

Care and maintenance tips


  • Store your shorts well

Yes, camo shorts and high waisted black shorts last for long. But this does not mean washing them and throwing them into the wardrobe like most ladies do with their tights. For starters, always wash black high waisted shorts separately. That is if you are into hand washing or if the label on the short demands that the shorts be hand washed. Do not at any given time soak the shorts with other colors as this will leave the shorts stained.

Then hand your shorts somewhere cool but not hot. Let them dry in the sun for just a few hours. Unless you want them to fade, just don’t let them dry for more than three hours in the sun. Try your best to follow these tips to ensure a long lasting aesthetic appeal for your pair of shorts.

  • Iron them

There is a common misconception that you cannot and should not iron casual high waisted black denim shorts. The fact that they are casual should not be a ticket for the wearer to look floppy. Take time to iron them, especially if they are loose fitting high waist shorts.

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Plain or patched?

It all depends on one’s preferences. It also depends on the fabric. You cannot for instance have high waist cotton shorts with studs. They will just look funny on you. Having that said, choose denim or black leather high waisted shorts with studs or patches. Keep in mind too that patches look great on slim fitting high waist shorts. On the contrary they don’t look as good in loose fitting ones. With this information in mind, you should be able to choose the right one that you can buy and wear.

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Loops, zippers and buttons

These are areas so many ladies choose to ignore when shopping for black high waist shorts. Go for shorts with tiny loops as these shorts look great with tiny belts. There are high waisted black shorts that can be worn with big conspicuous belts but again, they don’t look that good. As of zippers and buttons, it is really up to you but on any given day, buttons take the medal. Zippers work for men but not for the ladies. Then make sure that whether you choose buttons or zippers, the fly’s aligning should always be to the left.

simple high waisted black denim shorts

Finding the best pair

There are simple things you can look for in high waisted black shorts to ensure you get the best fit. They may take time but at the end of the day, you have to look good. Just don’t get tired to look for buttons instead of zippers of slim fitting shorts instead of loose fitting ones. At the end of the day, you will see just how it is worth all the effort.

White High Waisted Shorts: Bringing Back the Old and Classic Style

Katy Perry, Pink, Nicole Richie and Rihanna have one thing in common; they are all fond of white high waisted shorts. They bring back the old style that words cannot describe. Fortunately, looking just as good as them in these shorts is no brainer at all. You can do it in actually less than 10 minutes and head out for a walk as you leave men ogling.

All you have to do is accessorize you look, blend the right colors and of course choose the right fabric. Do all these and experience what it means to showcase and boast of beautiful legs. To make this quest even easier and more exciting, here are some tips that you can surely use to your own advantage.

ripped white high waisted shorts

Accessorize in style

This is the thumb rule when it comes to pulling off a princess kind of look. You don’t have to go for fancy jewelry or overly colorful scarves. The reason is as you may have already guessed, simple. Black and white high waisted shorts are colors that already look good on their own. For those who prefer simple casual looks, it is ideal to just put on the shorts with a red or say pink blouse and call it a day.

dark ranger camo shorts

You can also go for a collared top but of course, never overdo it. Buttons and sequins are not highly recommended as they will only steal the scene away from the shorts. For those who crave for a more sophisticated look, much is needed from the hair style all the way to footwear.


It’s all about simplicity. Since most of these shorts are casual, it won’t be fitting to complete that casual look with a serious hair style. A simple style such as pony tail will do. You can also let your hair fall back so as to complete that relaxed kind of look that white high waisted denim shorts portray with ease. Braids are good as long as they look simple yet casually done.

distressed white high waisted denim shorts


It is good to go for plain white high waisted shorts but then again that is just too common. Try something more creative such as white lace high waisted shorts with colorful hems. White shorts lined with pink, black or even red hems look really good. There are several designs and styles that you can actually choose from so you won’t ever have to worry about bumping into another person who is wearing the exact same pair as you are.

Loose or tight?

This is where casual and semi casual get separated. Tight high waist shorts are strictly official while loose ones synonymous with camo shorts are semi casual. One good thing with the latter is the fact that they are universally accepted as a great fashion idea. With the former however, you have to ensure that no one around you gets offended by your tight white high waisted shorts outfit. They are ideal for summer when everyone seems to be in them. To bring out that summer vacation kind of look, wear the shorts with a belly shirt.

simple white high waisted shorts outfit

Leaving a great impression

You can always come up with your own unique styles with white high waisted shorts. It is easy and works to your advantage by making you stand out in any crowd. Just make sure that your choice of colors match with your white high waist shorts with ease. Make sure too that your choice of shoes do the same. You may have a difficult time selecting the best shoes, so keep things simple and stick to sandals or denim rubber shoes with your white high waist shorts. Remember it is all about looking good in the shorts and leaving people with lasting impressions. 

Different Ways to Wear High Waisted Shorts

People go for high waisted shorts for different reasons. Some go for it because of their belly while others wear them to make fashion statements. Either way, you have to ensure that you know how mix and match well. Your t shirt or shirt and even shoes must complement your shorts. This is often a piece of cake for women and an uphill task for men. Women simply have an insatiable desire to always look good while men like keeping things simple. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not with the following tips at hand.

fashioned high waisted shorts

Blending your shorts with good shoes

Again, this is where men go wrong. It is easy to sport a man in official shoes and high waist shorts. That is of course funny but men hardly care. Just like camouflage shorts, high waisted shorts are strictly casual. The following shoes go well with them:

  • Slip on shoes
  • Loafers
  • Open shoes
  • Sandals


cool urban camo shorts

Note that sandals are only ideal with high waisted shorts during summer. However, you can still wear them during special events if you wish to. Just make sure the attire would still be appropriate for the venue and kind of occasion. Loafers and slip on shoes on the other hand are ideal with camo shorts and high waist shorts anytime. They are in fact, the best shoe types to sport with the shorts.

Fashion tips for women

The rules change when it comes to women. Take dressier occasion for instance. While men cannot put on shorts for such events, women can. Attractive hosiery and high heels match really well with high waisted denim shorts for women. Wedges too are also cool and can be worn with high waist shorts anytime. For a more defined and refined look, try cheap high waisted shorts with:

  • Cuffed heels
  • Ankle boots


simple high waisted denim shorts
Choosing the right top

T shirts look cool with high waist shorts for men. For women though, chic blouses are the way to go. If for one reason or the other you want to highlight the style of your shorts, consider colorful blouses with butterfly sleeves. Men can also consider camouflage shirts and t shirts with their high waist shorts. As you can see, the options are practically endless when it comes to choosing the right top. At the end of the day, what matters is how you carry and accessorize yourself.


Take this seriously because the type of material used determines vital factors like comfort. People prefer high waisted jean shorts to khaki while the latter is just as good. Whatever you choose should be breathable enough to make you comfortable throughout the day. It should also be easy to wash and should conceal stains especially when men wear their shirts during an outdoor activity such as hiking or camping.

nice high waisted jean shorts

Looking good with high waist shorts

High waisted shorts are trending at the moment. Fashion magazines are full of models in this kind of shorts. It is impossible to dispute the fact that they are here to stay. The ball is simply on your court. You have to get the shorts and make them look good on you. Start with shaving off excess hair on your legs. Then choose colors that complement your skin tone. Of course, take note of the tips mentioned above to further help you out.

You don’t have to have super legs like Tina Turner. That is one misconception people seem to have when it comes to high waist shorts. Just keep on shopping and trying different fits and colors. By the time you are through, you will have found something that will make you look hot in the shorts.

Simple Tips to Look Cool in Denim High Waist Shorts

Everyone loves denim. That’s why there are denim shoes, denim jackets, denim pants and now denim high waisted shorts. They may not be that popular at the moment but as sure as night follows day, they will be extremely popular in the coming years. Women love them because they are easy to clean. They also look good in them as they allow them to boast of their legs and feel free in warm summer days. What many do not know however is the fact that there are secrets one can use to look extremely gorgeous in denim high waisted shorts.
studded denim high waisted shorts

Choose Colorful Belts

This is one thing most ladies forget each time they wear their denim high waisted shorts. Sure, you can do without belts but it doesn’t hurt to add some flair to you outfit. Keep in mind that the belt you choose will depend on the color of your denim high waist short. Black and white for instance can go well with all the other colors, so be free to experiment with all the colors of the rainbow if you have white high waisted denim shorts. For a more refined look, try any of the following colors:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Yellow

seasonal camo shorts

Denim Jackets – Seriously?

It sounds funny but it isn’t. It is in fact, trendy and fashion magazines are there to prove it. You only have to be careful and choose trendy denim jackets for ladies to match your high waist shorts. You can, for instance, choose studded and patched denim jackets or go even go for camouflage denim jackets to match your trendy white lace high waisted shorts.

Scarves – And Why Not!

This is something not many consider but it is essential to a cool white or black denim high waisted shorts outfit. The best way to go about it is to make sure that your scarf and shorts match. If for one reason of the other you do not like scarves, then a ribbon, hair band or bandana will work just fine. Your head accessories are one of the key to have a significant impact when you wear this type of shorts.

simple high waisted denim shorts

Choosing the Jewelry

Once again it is all about color. Fortunately, you do not need to invest so much on fancy jewelry. There are so many affordable earrings that can blend well with your camo shorts. Just make sure that they either match or blend well. For a better look, try watches that have colorful straps. You can also try colorful bangles and wrist bands. Make sure the size that you choose is proportion with your body type so as not to divide the attention from your shorts if you are trying to highlight them.

Tops – This Is The Make or Break Situation

You may not know it but high waisted shorts can also be worn to formal events. All you have to do is to ensure that you wear your denim high waisted shorts with a button up blouse. Then ensure that the shorts are not too short. At some point, the shorts will serve as the backup while your tops are the main event of the evening.

navy cheap high waisted denim shorts

Don’t go for an ordinary look with your high waist shorts. Go for that gorgeous look that will leave men ogling for more. Then remember that the kind of shoes you wear must complement your shorts. You can wear heels, wedges, sandals or even denim rubber shoes. what matters at the end of the day is that billion dollar look in your denim high waist shorts.

The Black High Waisted Shorts in Your Wardrobe

They say it is easy to look good in anything as long as it is black. That is true, because black blends well with just about any color. That is in fact why black high waisted shorts are always in demand. They are huge fashion highlight not just for summer but even for those daring enough to sport them in spring. They bring about the image of a woman who understands that image matters more than anything else before one speaks. But like anything else, there is always the tricky if not challenging part when it comes to black high waisted shorts. You have to put on the right footwear and ideal tops. Here is how to go about the whole thing.

ordinary black high waisted shorts

Belly Shirts and Low Waist Shirts

These two are like twins. They fit into each other like jigsaw puzzles. The only caveat that comes along with such as an outfit is the fact that it is casual. You cannot, and should not try to put on black high waisted shorts and belly shirts to work. You should also be keen to find colors that bring out the best in you.

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Khaki or Canvas?

This is one big question that so many women struggle with. Truth is, black denim high waisted shorts will always take the medal. Khaki is, for starters, more durable than canvas and more manageable to handle. This does not mean in any way that canvas high waist shorts are out of fashion. They are just as popular and adorable as denim.

Considering to Wear Tights?

They are a YES! YES!. Thousands of public figures on fashion magazines are there to prove this. You only need to be careful once again with color of the tights you wish to wear with your black high waist shorts. You can choose to keep things simple and do black tights and black high waist shorts or you can be more daring and go for purple or navy blue. Just don’t go for dark red tights unless you have camo shorts on.

nautical high waisted black shorts

To Tuck In Or Not to Tuck In

As far as high waisted black shorts are concerned, tucking in is cool. It is the easiest way to highlight the fact that you have high waist shorts on. You should however note that tucking in unisex t shirts in high waist is not cool. Tuck in lady t shirts and butterfly sleeve blouses and see how gorgeous you will look. The tuck in look is more encouraged for slimmer and taller women, but with the right clothing, you can still good on them as long as you highlight your best asset.

Picking The Right Shoes

Women and shoes are just like men and sports. It is therefore normal to get spoilt for choice when looking for the best shoes to wear with your high waisted black denim shorts. Try on cuffed heels, wedges or sandals and you will have hit the nail right on its head.

simple high waisted black denim shorts

It is easy to look good in black high waist shorts. Easy because black is an easy color to match with other colors. You only need to be careful with your style. Style in the sense that you may have to contemplate tucking in or not or the kind of shoes to wear. Figure these puzzles out and you will surely look hot anytime of the day. Don’t pressure yourself if you can’t pull it off on the first few attempts, your friends are always there to help you out. You can also visit or read articles on how to look great with these outfits and make sure that you have the guidelines of the basic dos and don’ts.