How to wear Skinny jeans for men the Right Way

Jeans are an important part of a man’s wardrobe. While staying fashionable requires one to have the preparedness to try out new things, this does not necessarily mean that you have to play to every rule of new trend. Sometimes, it can be rewarding taking calculated risks like wearing skinny jeans for men. If putting on skinny jeans for men is your cup of tea, knowing how to do it right is essential. Wearing them right can be what makes the difference between awful stares of contempt and those of admiration. Here are some tips to help you.

Cheap and Stylish Skinny Jeans For Men Embrace your new fashion decision.

Wearing skinny jeans as a fashionable guy can be a tough but certainly not an impossible choice. Appearing nervous or looking as though your decision was accidental will only make others notice your unusual behavior. Instead of wearing your skinny jeans with shame, you should strive to wear them with pride.

Choose the right skinny jeans for men.

There is a very big difference between wearing skinny jeans and those that are restrictive. Instead of wearing super skinny jeans for men, you should, instead, ensure that the chosen jeans leave your groin with breathing and wiggle space. Wearing very tight cheap skinny jeans for men may lead to conditions such as yeast infection or soreness among others. For a more comfortable and relaxing experience, you should consider buying jeans made of Lycra or Spandex material.

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Choose slimmer shoes.

The perfect combination when it comes to wearing skinny jeans is to choose slimmer shoes. This is because wearing bigger shoes like office shoes only serve to detract the slimming effect the jeans should have. Besides, it also makes your feet look unattractive. For a polished look, you can never go wrong with canvas or dress boots that accentuate your proportions. Pair them with suitable shirts.

The trick to wearing colored skinny jeans for men is to pair them with the right kind of shirt. Even though tapered shirts are effective in showing off the upper part of the body, picking a shirt that is too tight for your body can create a feminine look, thereby sending a wrong impression. To look classy, you should give a wide berth to shirts with funny patterns of prints as this may make you appear as though you are desperate for attention. Simplicity therefore is the key to wearing skinny jeans. Shirts that have muted patterns, colors and buttons can put your fears to rest as they create a distinguished look without those curious stares being thrown your way.

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Before wearing them, tone the lower part of your body.

This is also true when it comes to wearing camo shorts. Even though these jeans are available in a number of sizes, it is a lot easier to fit toned legs into skinny jeans. You should avoid forcing your body into skinny jeans as you may not like the experience of pulling your pants up for the better part of the day.

Top Quality Colored Skinny Jeans For Men

Choose a wash material.

You should consider choosing stonewashed skinny jeans that have shades of muted grey or dark blue. These options not only look classy but also go with virtually anything. On the same breath, it is also a wise idea keeping a few pairs of timeless jeans. Acid washes and dirty washes will also help you keep up with the current trend.

Skinny jeans for men have come a long way and continue to make inroads in a fashionable and classy manner. While these trendy wear are not perfect for everybody type, there is no denying that you can never go wrong with them if you know how to wear the right.

How to Select the Right Skinny Jeans

At present, there are different styles of skinny jeans available in online stores. These jeans are found to be as the best chosen dress wears by youngsters across the world. At times, choosing the right jeans may not be an easy task for many people. Here are some of the best recommended tips for selecting skin-tight jeans.

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Selection Tips

  • Perfect fit. Correct fit is an important factor that has to be considered before picking any one of the dress wears from store. Always try to select jeans that make you feel comfortable after dressing. Selecting the right shopping destination plays an important role in getting perfect jeans. Those who wish to get the right jeans are advised to select a reliable shopping destination with maximum positive feedback.
  • Proper length. The right length of jeans plays a major role in making you look good. For perfect fit, try to buy skinny jeans for men which are a little bit longer than your actual length.
  • Color. Which color will best suit for me? This question is quite common among fashion conscious people. At present, people can find a stunning array of jeans online in vivid colors like blue, black, red and purple. Right color of jeans can provide the wearer a better look than other dress wears. For example, white colored jeans suits well with creamy dress wears. Dark colors like black and purple can go with both bright and light colored top. As per research, skinny jeans are found to be as the top sold dress wears from online market. Those who wish to stand outstanding in their dressing style can choose bright colored jeans as their attire.
  • The type of cut. Low cut and high cut are two main types of skinny jeans available in online market stores. People who are trendy about their look and dressing style can choose low cut jeans from store. At times, low cut jeans won’t suit well for obese people. In this case, it is good to select high cut jeans rather than opting low cut jeans from store.


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Styling Guide

Generally, high cut jeans are chosen by ladies who own a curvy body shape. Choosing the right brand of jeans holds a prominent place in enhancing the appearance of wearer. For example, skinny black colored jeans are usually paired up with heeled boots and black colored top to make the wearer appear slim. It is an apt choice for all obese people who wish to make them appear fit. On the other hand, jeans are normally chosen as per the body shape of the wearer.

All About Skinny Jeans

Today, there are multiple types of skinny jeans for women available with different cuts and fits. Trying on multiple fits and cuts can help the wearer to decide on which attire will perfectly fit to the body. As said earlier, length of skinny jeans is a main factor that has to be considered before selection. For example, a tall person in need of a nice pair of khaki skinny jeans can also select a pair of boots from the store. It you can’t find a pair of jeans in right size, do not hesitate to search for a better shopping destination. Similarly, you can make use of boots to adjust with small heights.

Khaki Skinny Jeans For Men

How to make a skinny jeans work for a short person? This is another common question heard from many faces. Answer for this question is so simple. Adjusting or hemming up of jeans is found to be as an ideal solution here. Taste of dressing style usually varies from one person to another. Popular camo shorts have already grabbed the hearts of youngsters in global fashion market. To get the perfect look, never hesitate to select the attire according to color, size and length.

Be the Men in White with Mens White Jeans

With newer and wackier trends rocking the fashion world every other day just for the sake of seeking attention, mens white jeans is a much sartorial wear to hog the limelight. This is a fun way to showcase the daring streak judiciously! An uninhibited style statement that exhibits playful trait in casual wear and impeccably stylistic form in formals is what mens white jeans are all about.

Men’s fashion wear most of the time project tough, careless and laid back characteristics, yet there are certain styles such as camo shorts which if not paired up carefully do not bring about the desired impact. White jeans in that case come with an advantage as the look projected by them even if casual is sharp and versatile.

simple mens white jeans

Popular Choices

This list will give you a glimpse of the hottest white jeans available in stores today.

  • White mens jeans

White is a must inclusion in the summer wardrobe. On a clear bright sunny day, this is the ticket to unlimited fun for happy go lucky men whether hitting the beach or night out. Teamed up with nautical striped tees and denim jacket, completing the look with loafers, hat and sunglasses, it’s time for some ramp show. White is very versatile as one can choose any contrast and be rest assured, it’s surely going to hit the bull’s eye. Bright solid polo, printed top, pastel rugby shirts, blazers, coats, jacket, they all go for augmenting the look big time.

cool choice for  camo shorts

  • Mens white skinny jeans

This is for the real denim fashion enthusiasts in true sense. It adds to the rock star look. The right accessories do play a decisive role in defining the look especially belts and shoes. The projection is on the sleek and slim so skinny belts and pointed shoes match the combination well. Right size is very important for the targeted look. Stark contrasting tees with jackets and hats and a rock star attitude, with no strings attached. is the order of the day.

combined white mens jeans

  • Mens jeans with white stitching

Another great way to include white in the ensemble is jeans with white stitching. The dark colored jeans with white seam lines work well with shirts and tees that are in absolute white or with hints of white. Even if the tees or shirts are brightly colored or printed, a dramatic effect can be created with white colored coats or jackets. Yet another way to introduce white in the color scheme is with accessories. Belts, hats and white mufflers in wool, knits or woven, work for a suave look. Mens white jeans are the fashion wear that stands out in the crowd, it has the potential to set the extra ordinary apart from the rest but some rules of thumb need to be followed.

Additional Tips

  • Strictly no white tops with white jeans.
  • Black top, tees, shirts are the best bet.
  • Dark denim shirts and jackets bring out the best out of white.
  • Minimal detailing should be used.
  • No over accessorizing, it should be in sync with the style and not overpowering.
  • Hats, sunglasses soothe and add subtlety to the overall projection.
  • White jeans are comparatively transparent so strictly no dark underwear, it’ a fashion disaster.
  • No heavy or wide shoes.
  • Hip-hop athletic shoes, canvas shoes, flip flops on beach, cool comfy sandals, loafers, the theme is simplicity!

sateen mens white skinny jeans

Mens white jeans are a breezy outfit for a cool, sporty demeanor. At least one pair of white jeans is vital to the wardrobe for maybe it’s time for a switch over to the men in white theme for a change!

Tips on Buying Jean Jackets for Men

Owing to its comfort and durability, jean jackets for men have been some of the most popular apparel. Not only this, the apparel can be worn in any informal occasion and in winter it defends the body against cold. Although, it is a common item in any male’s wardrobe but some people have a difficult time buying just the right type of jacket that fits them well and suits their personality. This article will have a quick look at some of the pointers which you need to take care to buy the right one for you.

cool jean jackets for men

Buying Tips

There are certain techniques that you can use when selecting jean jackets. If you are beginner and want to wear this jacket for a nice change, this guide is specifically made for you. To help you narrow down your choices and prevent wrong purchase or confusion, this guide has listed all the necessary steps that you should follow.

tactical camo shorts

  • Decide your style first

When you are out to buy this jacket, then the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of style do you want? So, decide first whether you want classic jeans that remain in vogue always or you want the trendiest jeans which may be out of style in future. Also, depending on your budget you can go for either cheap jean jackets for men or an elegant and luxurious jean jacket.

  • Consider getting a blue jean jacket

Blue jean jackets for men are the most commonly worn apparel and will remain in the vogue for a long time to come. Henceforth, it is a smart choice as it gives you the best value for your money. It remains your ideal companion for a long time. It gives you the type of comfort you need and gives you the perfect look. You can pair the blue jean jacket with camo shorts if you are going for any casual event or seek the ultimate comfort.

vintage cheap jean jackets for men

  • Denim jackets are great as well

Most of the people are under the impression that denim jackets are the typical blue jeans but actually it is not so. Denim can be dyed to any possible color you may think of. Denim jean jacket is a good alternative to the traditionally worn blue jackets. Denim jean jackets for men goes well with any color and available in different shades. However, if it is not branded black denim jackets are likely to fade with time and end up in a gray hue.

  • Buy a classic style

Just like other fashion essentials, it is always wise to choose classic style jean jackets for men over the trendy ones if you want to get the best value for your money. This type of jacket never goes out of vogue, easy to maintain, provides you ultimate comfort and you can wear them for a long time. So as you can see, a jean jacket makes a versatile clothing piece so you definitely should consider adding one into your wardrobe collection right now.

lined blue jean jackets for men

The Choice is All Yours

A lot depends on your dressing sense. So, if you have a good dressing style, you will end up buying the best jean jackets for men. For instance, if you are not opting for the traditional blue color jean jacket, you can give wings to your imagination and choose other funky colors that suit your personality and pair well with the cargo shorts or jean you are wearing. The light blue jean jacket goes pretty well with both black and blue jean. Be prepared for the imminent winter season and buy the right type of jacket for yourself!

Red Jeans for Men: Try it out and Look your Best

Have you tried on red jeans lately and checked how it looks like? Red jeans for men are some of the hottest and happening things around these days. Don your red jeans and you for sure would look real handsome and can get the attention of all the hot and cute girls in town. Red jeans of late have started becoming popular among men as well. Men have started understanding that red is not a just a woman’s color, but looks equally good on a guy as well. When combined with the right things, there is nothing like red jeans for men to make your day perfect.

simple red jeans for men

If you have just bought your red jeans or just planning to buy one and don’t know how to style with them, you have come to the right place. There are many great ways to style with these jeans; all you need is a comprehensive guide that will lead you. And this guide is found right up below.

beach camo shorts

Ways in Which Men Can Don Red Jeans

Here are some of the ways in which men can wear red jeans yet look stylish and fabulous:

  • Red jeans and a white or sober t-shirt: Red jeans would go perfectly well with a t shirt. The t shirt can be plain white or any other color which is sober and would get along real well with red. Black, grey, and certain light shades of blue would go equally well with red jeans. Do try this combination and you for sure would notice that it actually works miracles for you much more than anything else. If wish to look thinner then red skinny jeans for men is just the right thing for you.
  • Red jeans and a casual shirt: Your completely casual jeans can be matched with a shirt and you would be good to wear it as semi formals for any office or outdoor party. If you wish to make it a bit more formal then you can try using red denim jeans for men along with a light colored or checked shirt and you would look just perfect! You can even choose to don a jacket on top of this so that you can look even more stylish and sometimes even protect yourself from harsh weather conditions.


sateen red skinny jeans for men

  • Red jeans and a t-shirt with blazer: Red jeans and a t shirt is for sure a good thing to wear when you go on a casual outing with someone special. If you wish to make the moment more special then you should try wearing it with a blazer and you would look and feel totally cool in it. Red which is symbol of being a hot and sexy person would be at its best in this combination. Do try and make the best use of red jeans by buying cheap red skinny jeans for men which are also readily available.


straight red denim jeans for men

Last Words

Red jeans are by far a very good choice compared to any and every color or even camo shorts. You definitely will look super dashing and totally stunning in red jeans for men and definitely, you would be proud to have made the decision of buying one. Make best use of the charm and style factor attached to red and make it a very good to promote yourself among people you like the most. This is one color which will for sure make you proud any and every time you decide to don it. Paint the town red wearing these amazing red jeans and surely, all eyes will be focused on you and your gorgeous jeans.

What to Wear with Mens Red Jeans to Have a Smart Casual Look

Selecting what to wear with mens red jeans for a smart casual look can be a daunting task. Smart casual refers to the look that you would go for when attending an informal family get together or attending any other party. It is good to be presentable without looking like a person who has just took a lot of efforts into that outfit. Getting items of clothing that go together with such jeans is easy if you follow the following dressing tips.

denim mens red jeans

Since you are in for a great look with red jeans, chances are, you are looking for a comprehensive but easy to follow guide that will help you on your way to a fabulous outfit. If you are at a loss and confused with the overwhelming choices available, this page is made just for you. Here, you’ll know exactly what to purchase and which pieces would really go well with red jeans.

Outfit Essentials with Red Jeans

  • Collared shirt

A shirt with a color is a must if you have to look smart when wearing red mens jeans. Collared shirts are effective because they match with any pair of jeans regardless of its color. You need to buy the shirts that are designed specifically for the casual wear. It is also good to ensure that the shirt matches with the accessories and other clothing you put on.

kid size camo shorts

  • Blazer

Blazers can give you that smart casual look when worn with mens red denim jeans. To ensure that you look great you can wear together with smart shoes and camo shorts. That outfit will look great for any casual event that you want to attend. Choose a blazer that fits you well to avoid looking odd.

trademark red mens jeans

  • Cardigans or Jumpers

There is a wide range of cardigans and jumpers that can be great when worn with any mens red jeans. Do not choose very bright colored one because it may not match with a red jeans. The most effective cardigan to wear is one with a V-neck, so that it can match well with a collared shirt. If you decide to wear a jumper with a round neck then you should wear a plain T-shirt under it or just wear the jumper without any shirt underneath for you to look smarter especially when worn with mens red skinny jeans.

  • Shoes

A smart pair of shoes is necessary when attending a smart casual event. There are different types of shows you can wear to look great when wearing jeans. It is good to select a pair of shoes that match and complement with your casual outfit. The more appropriate colors for shoes include blue, tan, black and brown. If you decide to wear camo jeans, white sport shoes will make you have that elegant look that everyone will admire. Apart from sport shoes, leather shoes can also match well with mens red jeans.

dark mens red skinny jeans

  • Jewelry

Purchasing jewelry can be hard for a man without looking too flashy. You can find one or two with understated details, but well made ones than many chain or bracelets. Bracelets or rings can be good but is more appropriate just to wear one or two. This also applies when wearing a watch whereby one high quality one gives a better look that wearing many of them.

Bottom Line

By following the tips give above, you sure will have a great look with your mens red jeans and have that smart casual look that everyone attending the party or any other occasion will like. And since you look good from the outside, you also will eventually feel good from the inside and gain more confidence when facing the crowd.

Shop For Mens Skinny Jeans and How to Look Good In Them

Skinny jeans have taken the fashion industry by storm. Everyone is no ditching what can now be termed as old school loose fitting jeans just to have mens skinny jeans. Some men have even revamped and conducted an overhaul of their wardrobes in favor of mens skinny jeans. Sadly, not all men look good in skinny jeans. Not all men even know where to shop for quality skin jeans. Make no mistake of these contrasts though. Some men don’t look good in skinny jeans simply because their mix and match capabilities are wanting. Here is how to go about it:

trending mens skinny jeans

Wear Skinny Jeans with Fitting Tops

There are way so many men out there who break this rule consciously. They simply wear skinny jeans and go on to put on baggy t shirts. This is a common wardrobe malfunction whose origin escapes even fashion designers. It is simply unacceptable for those who want to look good in men’s skinny jeans. Simply wear skinny jeans and complete your look with a slim fitting t shirt. This is a rule that should be followed religiously.

collecting camo shorts

Big Buckle Belts and Skinny Jeans for Men

This is also a common wardrobe malfunction among men. Fashion designers are yet to wrap their heads around it and get used to men in skinny jeans and big buckle belts. Truth is, mens skinny jeans only look good when with small buckle belts around them. It is a simple rule but some men choose to ignore it for reasons best known to them. Still on belt matters, keep off brightly colored belts any time you wear your skinny jeans. The best belt colors to wear with mens skinny jeans include:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey

simple mens super skinny jeans

The Shoe Selection – It Matters A Lot

Brands like camo shorts made it easy for people to look good in different shoe styles. Sadly, that is not the case with mens super skinny jeans since they come in a wide range of colors. This means that you have to be careful on your shoe colors anytime you put on colorful skinny jeans. Most mens black skinny jeans go well with several colors. That is not the case with mens white skinny jeans at all. They only go well with a few selected colors like red, green and yellow.

Where to Shop Around For One

This one should be easy for you. for starters, do not shop for skinny jeans online unless you are sure of your size. Simply shop where you can fit before buying, then like designers say, stick to reputable brands. It is important to not just look good in them but to also feel good with it. The confidence level is a determining factor if you can pull off a skinny jeans or not. Remember that skinny jeans are associated with women’s fashion, so you are treating on shallow waters. They will cost you several dollar but they last. They are also unique.

cheap mens white skinny jeans

Skinny jeans for men are fashionable. There is no doubt about that. But then again, how well do you know how to mix and match? A simple mistake could cost something big and leave people with the wrong impression. That said, make sure you have the best shoes, which needless to say, should be small in size to complement your skinny jeans. In other words, keep off boots anytime you wear skinny jeans for men. There are men who can wear them and look good in boots, but if you are just starting off, just to stick to the basic rules and you will go a long way.

How to Stylishly Wear Red Jeans

Red is multifaceted just like a diamond or a kaleidoscope. On one had it signifies love and on the other it can mean danger. It is therefore up to you to make good use of the color. One of the easiest ways to do this is by buying red jeans. It sounds strange at first if you are a middle aged woman but it is a cool idea to enhance your look. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that you have good shoes that can match your red colored jeans. Of course, don’t forget how essential it is to carefully choose the kind of top that will go with it.

buying red jeans

Red for casual events

This is a yes, yes for both men and women. Red is simply one of the best colors you can sport to informal events. Women can actually wear these jeans to work but men can’t, so just know when and where to draw the line. Women should however note that some shades of red cannot be worn to work or formal events. Dark red jeans for instance are just too casual for work.

Light red on the other hand is acceptable. It brings about an image that people can easily spot. In other words it makes one stand out from a crowd without saying a word or even smiling. This is exactly the reason why you should go for this color especially if you wish to get noticed upon entering the room or venue.

rugged and stitched camo shorts

The different trends

This is where the tussle between baggy camo shorts, loose and red skinny jeans comes into the picture. There is no brainer in this. If you are slender, skinny jeans of whichever color will work for you. If on the other hand you lie somewhere between slender and chubby, you will have to be somehow creative so as not to mess your look with skinny jeans. Red will work to your advantage because it does not highlight body shape and curves as much as white and black do. To finish it off, complete your red jeans outfit with the right shoes. This leads on to the next point.

Going for the right footwear

Just make things simple. Wear heels if you are a lady. But only do this with skinny jeans. Men have it easy because red jeans for men only demand sneakers or even sandals. For women however, sneakers won’t do at all. Wedge shoes will also work well for women who love red fitting jeans. If completely stuck, just take a look at how popular boutiques dress mannequins with red jeans for women are, then snap that outfit and replicate it.

brilliant red skinny jeans

Dressing in red

Red may symbolize different things but that does not mean that you cannot or you should not dress in it. If anything, red is one of the best colors anyone can fill his or her wardrobe with. It only calls for a few tips on how to find colors that can match well with red. Then like people often say, take advantage of Valentine’s Day and shop for red khaki or jeans. You will save more.

fashioned red jeans for men

You will also understand the different shades of red available and how to look good in all of them. Remember to window shop and compare prices. It is a bit hectic but it is the only way you can avoid spending too much on red jeans and other clothes. Aside from scouting malls and boutiques you can also consider shopping online. There are various stores and websites that are dedicated in offering red apparels and accessories.

Top 4 Best Places to Shop for Cheap Jeans

Times are hard and everything seems too expensive for the average Joe to afford. It therefore makes perfect sense to be on the lookout for anything that can help you save a dollar or two. This includes being on the lookout for cheap jeans, too. It sounds funny to some but it always pays at the end of the day. What’s more, it is easy to look good in affordable jeans just like you would in expensive designer jeans.

clothing cheap jeans

After all, no one will notice that what you have on is surprisingly cheap. People only notice how good one is. So how and where do you look for jeans that will surely fit your budget? Here are some techniques that can totally help you bag the craziest and most affordable deals on jeans.

cool desert camo shorts

4 ways and places that you can try


  • Newly opened stores

This is by far the best place to look for affordable jeans. New stores are always desperate to make a name for themselves. Their owners often spend a lot on branding and ensuring that they remain relevant. One of the most common tips they apply is offering their customers quality goods at slashed prices. It does not end there.

They often go an extra mile and offer hard to deny offers. You can for instance walk into a new store and buy two pairs of cheap jeans then get an extra one for free. With the tight competition going on everywhere, there is this urgent need to offer something new and affordable on a constant basis. This is definitely something you should take advantage of.

  • Year-end sales

All store owners often want to start the New Year with new stocks and new sales. They just want to clear old stock and bring in new styles and designs. That’s why there are always offers by the end of December. People hardly notice this because everyone is always busy having fun enjoying Christmas and sipping coffee to beat the winter cold. If you really want to score budget-friendly jeans that will still look good on you, take advantage of year-end sales and shop for cheap jeans for juniors.

simple cheap jeans for women

  • Special days and occasions

Have you ever noticed how marketing intensifies during Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day? These are just but some of the best holidays to shop for cheap jeans for women. Store owners simply know that men are often desperate to impress their ladies during these big days. They therefore come up with lucrative offers like buy a pair of cheap jeans and get another one half the original price. The same can be said about cheap mens jeans. Just shop when Father’s day is around the corner and count how much you will be able to save.

  • Online shopping

Yes, online. This is one of those places where you can shop for just about anything at any price. From affordable jeans for children to affordable jeans for adults, there is simply no way you can miss out on a great bargain online. The only thing you need to be wary of is stores that have unscrupulous return and shipping policies.

classic cheap mens jeans


Have no worries if camo shorts are too expensive for you. There is always a solution and cheap jeans are widely available anywhere. You just need to be observant enough and seize any opportunity that presents itself. While at it, do not be afraid to bargain. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Stores may have price tags on their clothes but that does not mean you cannot negotiate on the price. A little courage sometimes goes a long way, in fact, longer than you may ever know.

Tips on How to Look Cool In Khaki Jeans

Of all the common fabrics used in the fashion industry, khaki is simply the roach that refused to die. It has defied all odds to remain relevant and as appealing as it was when it first saw the light of the day decades ago. Great is the influence it has on people of all ages such that anyone without khaki jeans doesn’t seem to have what many could consider as a complete wardrobe. But all is not rosy as you will soon find out. It simply takes some great effort and brainy creativity to look ravishingly good in these jeans.

mid rise khaki jeans

Finding the perfect match

This is one rule that applies to both men and women in equal measures. The perfect match starts with of course a good shirt or t shirt and presentable shoes. Ignore that for a while and take a look at something people ignore – the right belt. People simply don’t take this into account yet but a good belt that is well tied around your waist in good khaki jeans can leave people with an impression of someone who is keen on attention to detail.

You don’t even have to spend hours looking for the right belt. Just go for simple black leather belts and just like that, you will have nailed it and leave the kind of impression that you want to portray. Besides, black is a universal color that can go well with all colors and styles.

astonishing woodland camo shorts

Choosing the best color

Men are coy when it comes to color. They are tied up to basic colors that can assure them of simple yet refined looks. That does not have to be the case especially in this day and age where image matters more than anything else. Fortunately, khaki jeans come in a wide range of colors that men can sport. The only caveat is to avoid bright colors that cannot be worn to work.

buying khaki skinny jeans

Brown is just as good as black or grey but can it be worn to work? You choose. It really depends on your personal preference and of course, you will also consider other factors such as your skin tone and the kind of work that you do.

Consider your own body type

Some men look good in khaki skinny jeans for men for while others do not. Make good use of your mirror to know where you lie. The same case applies to women. Most khaki skinny jeans for women are a preserve for the athletic bodied. To bring about the casual or semi casual look that is taking the fashion industry by storm, consider wearing cuffed wedges with your khaki skinny jeans. Loafers and slip on shoes work well for men. Just ensure that you tuck it in to achieve a serious semi casual look. This kind of look would be more than suitable when going on a semi-formal meeting and other casual business functions.

simple khaki skinny jeans for men

Extra tips to remember

Khaki has one great advantage over other fabrics as you can wear khaki jeans to both formal and informal events and no one will bother you. You can even wear khaki and throw in your suit jacket. It is all about adding some flair to your outlook. But make no mistake. The kind of shoes you wear with khaki can easily dress you down. It is more or less like opting for camo shorts. You must be keen on your shoes and to some extent, your jewelry and watch. Then like the usual, take good care of your khaki attire. Wash them well and always use hangers or fold them well for storage purposes.