Do-it-yourself Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a pair of short pants made from the denim fabric. They are called shorts because they look literally short covering from the low waist to about one-thirds of the thighs. This design of shorts made it one of the most used shorts not only by celebrities but also of fashionable women all over the world. These hip and cool shorts have probably originated in the late 1800’s and has garnered a worldwide acceptance because of its breezy, flexible and more comfortable version of the long pants.

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Step in DIY Denim Shorts

There are readily available types of shorts in the market including camo shortshigh waisted denim shorts and many more; but a better way to have your very own personalized denim short is through your own do-it-yourself creativity. Learn how to make or rev up your own denim shorts in these following tips:

  • For Unused Pants

    • Get one pair of unused denim pants. Make sure you haven’t used the pants for about a year before you decide to make it into a pair of shorts.

    • Assemble the materials you will need to start the DIY project. You will need the following materials:

      • Scissors, tape measure, cloth markers, thread and needle, embellishments such as buttons and beautiful beads, glue gun, glue stick

    • Mark the level of the pants where you want to make the shorts. You can mark 2-3 inches above the knee level or if you want a sexier shorts, you can measure as high as 6 inches above the knee.

    • Start cutting at the level where you placed your marker.


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    • For a distressed denim shorts look, brush the edges of the short pants to create a torn out effect. To prevent fabric being torn up all the way, sew the edges just enough to secure the fibers in place and prevent from derailing fabric all the way to the top.

    • For a clean cut look, fold the edges at least half an inch and sew with a thread and needle.

    • Add some embellishments such as beads, buttons and other shiny objects that can adhere to the fabric. You can also use glue gun to stick in the embellishments. Just make sure that when you wash the shorts you don’t scrape of the embellishments with heavy brushing.


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  • For Old Boring Denim Shorts

    • To bring life to a lifeless denim shorts, you can add embellishments with it or better yet be creative with paint. You can paint in beautiful creations of whatever you wish to make it look revitalized.

    • You can cut your old shorts to make it shorter and put in some designs.

    • You can transform it into distressed shorts by cutting some portions and brushing them with a steel brush to create a perfect distress look.


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Plus Size

If you have a plus size body and you are not confident about wearing sexy denim shorts, you can find plus size denim shorts available for women who have a voluptuous figure. No need to worry of not fitting in because the modern fashion has extended its way in addresses clothing concerns of women with plus size figures. You can even have your old denim jeans transform into your very own pair of shorts using the tips written here. After all, being fashionable is being confident with yourself and how you carry yourself and respond to how others see you. Don’t worry about the critics that hinder plus size women to have the freedom to wear in anything they want. Everyone has equal rights when it comes to clothing. Confidence is the key. You must have love for yourself and go out there to express how wonderful person you really are inside you.