Factors to Consider When Shopping for Camouflage Jeans

Camouflage t shirts, pants and shorts are here to stay. Make no mistake about that. They are timeless statements that will probably outlive mankind. What makes them unique is one thing that escapes fashion big wigs. In a way, they make the wearer feel good; they make him or her have a high self esteem and most importantly, they make the wearer look ravishingly good. That explains why women are always attracted to men in camouflage jeans and boots. It is something that happens to them subconsciously. Obviously, it is a good thing. So what makes a good pair of these jeans?

bottomed camouflage jeans

Features to look for

  • UV resistance

This is something people hardly consider when shopping for camouflage shirts and jeans. In fact, only a handful of people know that there are UV resistant camo shorts, pants and t shirts. Since people buy camo attire for outdoor activities, there is no doubt at all that they will spend hours in the sun hunting, fishing or hiking.

stitched branded camo shorts

This means that they will expose their skin to harmful UV rays often associated with skin cancer. That is of course something scary, so the next time you are at a boutique shopping for camouflage jeans, insist on a UV resistant pair. It pays to know that you are not only buying something for the sake of being trendy, but more importantly, you are getting a pair of jeans that can also help in protecting your skin and overall well being.

  • Breathability

Like already said, you will spend hours hunting or fishing or even hiking. Your jeans should therefore be breathable enough to prevent excess sweating and to make you comfortable. It is highly recommended that you keep away from camouflage skinny jeans as they are hardly breathable. They are ideal yes, but not for outdoor activities. It is also recommended that you go for patched camo jeans as they are more breathable than plain ones. This applies for both camouflage jeans for men and camouflage jeans for women.

stud pocket camouflage skinny jeans

  • Design

It is impossible and unthinkable to ignore well designed camouflage jeans and choose simple ones. In a nutshell, design matters because you would still want to look good while hunting or even just walking around the neighborhood in your camo jeans. That said, go for patched jeans as already said then make sure that your pair has at least six pockets. You will certainly want to stuff your phone or car keys somewhere safe as you have fun. The pockets will come in handy for such purposes.

Make sure, too, that your desired pair of camo jeans will cover you well. At the end of the day it is all about achieving a camouflage effect. You want to be one with nature and the background you are in at any given time. That said, be smart about the kind of colors you choose. Make sure that whatever color you choose will make it hard for anyone or any animal to sport you while hiding.

fitted camouflage jeans for women

More tips to consider

There is more into camouflage jeans than just the common army look. Design, color and even comfort are just but some of these extra factors. They may seem subtle but at the end of the day, they are worth considering. Keep in mind too that you must also find the appropriate footwear to match your camo jeans. Ideally, you can go for comfy sneakers and rubber shoes, as well as hiking boots that are of accurate size and shape. Doing so will help in ensuring that you achieve your desired level of comfort and flexibility especially when you are doing your preferred outdoor activities.