How to Feel and Look Good in Cargo Shorts for Boys

Talk of childhood memories and any man today will tell you of days he played army with childhood friends in camo shorts. Such is the impact that the brand had on boys, and it still has that impact. You only need to walk around the streets and hoods during summer and spring. You won’t miss kids skating, running around or just having fun in cargo shorts for boys.

simple cargo shorts for boys

In a nutshell, cargo shorts stand out as the hallmark of boyhood, just as military toys do. That’s not all. They say boys will always be boys. That’s why there are cargo shorts for grown men. So just how do you go about looking good in this timeless piece of fashion? Let this article help you out by giving you some valuable tips that you can definitely use to your own advantage, especially if you are planning on shopping for these shorts anytime soon.

variety of camo shorts

Choose dark colors

There is something attractive about men’s dark colors. It is just impossible to go wrong with them. Then remember that boys will always be boys. Expect your man and sons to always come home dirty after hiking, fishing or anything they do in the name of playing. This should not worry you because dark colors will always come to your rescue as they easily disguise dirt. What’s more, it is easy to wash dark colored cargo shorts than brightly colored ones. You will have a hard time hand washing white cargo shorts for boys than you will with black cargo shorts for boys.

Go for maximum pockets

Think of that moment you went shopping for a motorcycle jacket. You just could not take your eyes off that jacket with so many pockets intricately designed and patched on strategic places. Do the same thing when shopping for cargo shorts for boys. The pockets add that macho feeling men like to associate themselves with. It also goes a long way to help them pocket their wallets, car keys, cards and mobile phones.

solid black cargo shorts for boys


When camo attires rose into the limelight, they were all canvas. Things have now changed. Camo pants and shorts now come in:

  • Jeans
  • Cotton
  • Khaki

Of course not all of them are appealing. Cotton for instance is not as good as boys khaki cargo shorts. That said, stick to jeans or khaki cargo shorts for boys.

Go for the best style

There are different alluring camo styles you can consider. If your instance you want to go for a long safari, then cargo shorts are ideal. If on the other hand you just want to walk on the beach shores every evening, go for nothing short of board camouflage shorts. At the end of the day, what matters the most is comfort and of course, looking good. Just remember to stick to your right size and colors that you are most comfortable in.

standard white cargo shorts for boys

Matching colors

It is as simple as picking up a white t shirt and black pants. Like already said, dark colors should always be given the upper hand. Other factors that come into play include your skin complexion and where you are wearing your cargo shorts to.

Make your outdoor activities fun not just by taking parts in games but also by what you wear. The reason is very simple. Feeling good is directly linked to the kind of attire you choose to wear on any given day. That being said, cargo shorts for boys are indeed a fashion staple that anyone should definitely keep in their closets. For casual to outdoor attires, these shorts will surely help you create a trendy and comfy fashion statement wherever you go.