Secret Tips to Help You Look Great in Womens Camouflage Pants

It is easy to get confused with just a glance at a woman’s wardrobe. You will find camo shorts, chino pants and basically all forms of fashion statements possibly from all the four corners of the earth. One thing will however catch your eye and leave a lasting impression; womens camouflage pants. The reason is more or less obvious. Camouflage pants are mostly associated with men. For that reason alone, women who opt to wear these pants can surely prove something – they are just as strong and as daring as men can be.

special womens camouflage pants

Coming across camouflage pants therefore in a woman’s wardrobe is an indication that the wearer is a serious woman. She is not only fashion conscious and outgoing but also daring. Problem comes in when the wearer does not have a clue on how to look good in camo pants. Worry no more as these tips can absolutely give you a clearer insight when it comes to fashionably wearing these unique pants.

Styling tips


  • Say no to heels

This one is almost obvious. Sure, there are public figures who have managed to pull gorgeous looks with womens camouflage pants and high heeled shoes. But how often do they walk around in such combination? Most of the time, they are just in studios, music videos or reality shows. It is just impossible to combine the two and look good. Make things simple and put on your camo pant with a good pair of rubber shoes or sneakers if you have to. Wedges too, are ideal with womens camouflage pants.

sizeable camo shorts

  • Colors and shades

Generally, women are very specific when it comes to colors. So don’t be hard on yourself each time you find it hard to wear your camo pants with some colors. Dark colors will always look good on you if you are light skinned, so don’t be afraid to try dark womens camouflage capri pants. You can always complete dark colors with say black or red bandanas. After all, you want to look just as tough as an army woman.

  • Choosing what jewelry and accessories to wear

There is one mistake that most women make with womens camouflage cargo pants all the time. Don’t put on the pants and complete your look with magnificent jewelry like mossanite, diamond or emerald. It is not possible to look tough and maintain an elegant classy look at the same time. Just look at any army woman if in doubt. Accessorize yourself with the bare minimum. A simple golden chain or a silver one should suffice.

vintage womens camouflage cargo pants

  • Style and design

Not all camouflage womens pants are the same in terms of style and design. Some are very simple while some are extremely sophisticated. Either way, your preferred style should bring out the best in you and offer you comfort at the same time. One key prerequisite of such a design is water resistance. The other is its ability to allow you move and bend without stretching an inch.

These are super qualities that cheap womens camouflage pants hardly offer. It is therefore a good idea to stick to reputable brands. It makes perfect sense to spend several dollars on a pair of camouflage shorts and pants that will last longer than to spend less on several pairs that will only last for a month or two.

fatigue camouflage womens pants

Keeping it stylish but simple

Looking good in women’s camouflage attire is all about keeping things simple. For instance, do not accessorize yourself too much or wear inappropriate footwear with camouflage attires. Just keep things simple and everything will turn out just fine. Lastly, don’t forget to consider comfort and flexibility at all times even when you are thinking of being stylish and fashionable.