Shop For Mens Skinny Jeans and How to Look Good In Them

Skinny jeans have taken the fashion industry by storm. Everyone is no ditching what can now be termed as old school loose fitting jeans just to have mens skinny jeans. Some men have even revamped and conducted an overhaul of their wardrobes in favor of mens skinny jeans. Sadly, not all men look good in skinny jeans. Not all men even know where to shop for quality skin jeans. Make no mistake of these contrasts though. Some men don’t look good in skinny jeans simply because their mix and match capabilities are wanting. Here is how to go about it:

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Wear Skinny Jeans with Fitting Tops

There are way so many men out there who break this rule consciously. They simply wear skinny jeans and go on to put on baggy t shirts. This is a common wardrobe malfunction whose origin escapes even fashion designers. It is simply unacceptable for those who want to look good in men’s skinny jeans. Simply wear skinny jeans and complete your look with a slim fitting t shirt. This is a rule that should be followed religiously.

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Big Buckle Belts and Skinny Jeans for Men

This is also a common wardrobe malfunction among men. Fashion designers are yet to wrap their heads around it and get used to men in skinny jeans and big buckle belts. Truth is, mens skinny jeans only look good when with small buckle belts around them. It is a simple rule but some men choose to ignore it for reasons best known to them. Still on belt matters, keep off brightly colored belts any time you wear your skinny jeans. The best belt colors to wear with mens skinny jeans include:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey

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The Shoe Selection – It Matters A Lot

Brands like camo shorts made it easy for people to look good in different shoe styles. Sadly, that is not the case with mens super skinny jeans since they come in a wide range of colors. This means that you have to be careful on your shoe colors anytime you put on colorful skinny jeans. Most mens black skinny jeans go well with several colors. That is not the case with mens white skinny jeans at all. They only go well with a few selected colors like red, green and yellow.

Where to Shop Around For One

This one should be easy for you. for starters, do not shop for skinny jeans online unless you are sure of your size. Simply shop where you can fit before buying, then like designers say, stick to reputable brands. It is important to not just look good in them but to also feel good with it. The confidence level is a determining factor if you can pull off a skinny jeans or not. Remember that skinny jeans are associated with women’s fashion, so you are treating on shallow waters. They will cost you several dollar but they last. They are also unique.

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Skinny jeans for men are fashionable. There is no doubt about that. But then again, how well do you know how to mix and match? A simple mistake could cost something big and leave people with the wrong impression. That said, make sure you have the best shoes, which needless to say, should be small in size to complement your skinny jeans. In other words, keep off boots anytime you wear skinny jeans for men. There are men who can wear them and look good in boots, but if you are just starting off, just to stick to the basic rules and you will go a long way.