Simple Tips on How to Look Cool In Camouflage Pants for Men

Fashion trends have come, gone and come again. Others just came, enjoyed a little limelight and faded to oblivion. Not so with camouflage pants for men. Just like the old saying goes, they came, they saw and they conquered. In other words, they firmly booked their place as timeless pieces of fashion. Today, their popularity remains stronger than ever, with a lot of men wearing and sporting them anytime of the day.

browning camouflage pants for men

Fashion powerhouses and designers then embraced them and ensured that they forever remain as must have attired for all men and boys. It is simply a success story; one that all men want to associated with 24/7. So, just how do you pull that billion dollar look in camouflage pants for men? What should you avoid? Is there an appropriate time for the pants? Read on for the answers and be more aware when it comes to wearing and styling these pants.

branded denim camo shorts

How to wear camouflage pants


  • Wear them with boots

Have you ever noticed that mannequins dressed in camouflage pants for men always have boots on? There is a reason for that; camouflage pants and boots are like bowties and tuxedos. One can’t do without the other. Plus, with boots on, you easily pull a military look that boys are always trying to achieve. Timberland boots stand out as the best boots to match with camouflage pants for men. Sadly, they are costly, which means you have all the time in the world to try on different boot brands.

selected camouflage cargo pants for men

  • Open shoes

They are cool, too. It is in fact common to spot men in winter with camo shorts and open shoes. There is only one disclaimer, though. Never put on camouflage pants and complete your look with open shoes and socks. No one knows where this idea came from. One thing is for sure though; the trend is outright wrong. Then remember that not all camo pants go well with open shoes. Cotton camo pants for instance look much better with loafers on than with open shoes. If you really like to wear open shoes, make sure you choose a pair that will compliment your pants and not the other way around.

  • Color matters

Fortunately, men’s choice of colors is not as complicated as women’s. It is almost obvious and straightforward even for men who consider themselves coy. You can always cut the long chase by going for dark colors. But if for reasons best known to you to choose bright colors, you can always find a way of mixing bright and dark colors. You can go for dark colored military camouflage pants for men and complete that outfit with a white t shirt.

cool military camouflage pants for men

  • Design

Don’t you just like it when after a long walk you can sit down and unzip your camo pants at knee length to instantly turn them into shorts? Better still, isn’t it fun to go camping with only four pairs of camo pants that you can turn inside out? All these are super designs meant to make you look good and also provide you with convenience. It even gets better with the fact that fashion camouflage pants for men are not expensive at all. You therefore have no reason at all not to sport cool camouflage cargo pants for men during summer or during informal gatherings over a weekend.

Have at least two pairs of camo pants in your wardrobe. They will come to your rescue the next time you want to gather your thoughts as you walk along the beach. Better still, they are the best attire for safaris hands down.