Stylish and Comfortable Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are proving to be the most stylish and sought after shorts of late in the fashion world. They are made from a durable cotton fabric and are prewashed to ensure that they have a softer feeling. The fabric they are made of, which is wrinkle free, and their design ensures that they are comfortable and interesting.

They come in a wide variety of colors and designs such as khaki shorts, wild printed shorts and more. This ensures that at the end of the day, you are able to choose depending on your taste and preference. To have a perfect trendy look, you must complement your short with a nice top, either a good fitting shirt or pullover.

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Camo shorts, also known as camouflage shorts, is most commonly worn by men and gives a very good blend with the surrounding. They come in a wide variety of style, fabric and prints and are suitable for a number of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing and hiking. They have various designs like: Cargo shorts, board shorts and camo denim shorts.

Styles of Chino Shorts

Below are different styles of chino shorts available in the market today:

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  • Mens chino shorts – They have simple design and are generally straight at the hips with little or no shaping at the waist. The length, color and design have an impact on the overall look of the wearer in a pair of chinos. For that final trendy look, men should choose shorts with flat fronts rather than the pleated ones. The length, color and fabric of a chino depend on the taste of the wearer. The shorts should however not be longer as to go below knee length neither should they be too short. A slim fit short is preferred by most men since it avoids the flapping of shorts around the legs. The best way to put on a pair of chinos is to accompany it with a nice top and trendy shoe. The shoes should not be worn with socks that are too long because it will destroy the killer look. If you have to wear socks, you would rather have ankle socks.

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  • Boys chino shorts – They are similar to those of men but the variation only comes about in the length of the shorts and the waist length. Chinos for boys are shorter lengthwise and have smaller waists as compared to those of men.
  • Womens chino shorts – The difference between men’s shorts and women’s shorts is only in sizing and tailoring. These shorts are narrower at the waist and have a lot of allowance at the hip and bust. They can also be tailored to be as short as 2 inches or to reach the knee depending on the customer’s taste.

Great pair of fitting shorts depends on the figure type of the woman. Below are 4 fundamental classes which each woman would generally be grouped into:

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  • The pear shape figures, just like a pear, are slimmer at the top and fat at the hips and thighs. Women with this shape are slimmer at the waist and struggle to get their perfect fit. They should therefore look for shorts labelled curvy fit. This makes them feel comfortable.
  • Women with the hour glass figure also need shorts labelled curvy fit. This is because they too have narrow waists and heavier hips.
  • The apple shape figures, just like the apple fruit, are round at the middle and heavier at the bust. They should look for shorts that are labelled relaxed or straight fit.
  • The banana shape figures, just like the banana, have athletic bodies that are not curvy. Straight fit shorts with flat fronts are their ideal style. The length, color, style and fabric of a short will finally depend on the taste of each and every woman.

Chino shorts are the best way to remain simple and be trendy at the same time. They can be worn on various occasions like parties, a walk by the beach or even while going shopping. They come in various colors and designs hence they meet the preferences of different customers. They can be worn perfectly during the summer and come in sizes for each member of the family. These shorts are indeed fashionable clothes worth having.