Top High Waisted Shorts Designs and Brands

There are so many high waisted shorts designs that choosing one can be quite grueling. Most designers work round the clock to come up with designs that are sure to meet the needs of their consumers. Your decision however, will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Common High Waisted Shorts Designs

  • Color blocked shorts
  • Leopard print shorts
  • Cuffed trouser shorts
  • Textured shorts

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  • Floral print shorts
  • Polka dot shorts
  • Studded shorts
  • Acid wash shorts
  • Camo shorts
  • Destroyed denim shorts

Top High Waisted Shorts Brands

  • Balenciaga Pleated Shorts
    Balenciaga is one brand that does not need too much introduction. It is a unique brand that was founded by a Spanish couturier known as Cristobal Balenciaga. The brand represents some of the most coveted designs that never go out of season.
  • Vionnet Shorts
    Vionnet is another famous brand, that was established by Madeleine Vionnet in Paris France. This brand simply exemplifies fashion, and it is the perfect one for anyone who cares about trend setting. Although the brand was later inherited, the heritage of the founder is kept alive all through. The sophistication and elegance of the original is still respected.
  • Yves Saint Laurent
    This is yet another top brand with high quality pair of high waist shorts. Yves Saint Laurent is among the most influential brands at present. If you would like to possess some high quality and sophisticated design shorts, this is one label worth looking at. Additionally, it is a symbol of luxury, with a wide variety of luxury attire available.
  • Helmut Lang
    The Helmut Lang is another superior brand that was set up by Helmut Lang, an Australian born designer. Although it later changed ownership, the distinctive aesthetic that was initially created by Lang is still alive.
  • Emilio Pucci Shorts
    If you want vivacious colors in your high waist shorts, you should go for Emilio Pucci. It is a label known for lines and abstract shapes too. The designers still work hard to keep those vibrant prints as timeless as possible.

Tips On Wearing High Waisted Shorts

There are a couple of things you need to understand before choosing high waist shorts.

  • The most basic one is getting to know your waist line. This is one crucial factor, and if you know nothing about it, you should ask for opinions from the stores you buy your shorts from. Most of the retailers are knowledgeable on these things and are certain to help.

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  • Choose a cropped top. Combining the two ensures that no excess skin shows, which is the least you want.
  • In case you do not worry about showing skin, you can pair the high waist shorts with a bikini top. Choose carefully the bikini you wear, to ensure it goes with your shorts. You have to choose the right shoes to complement the overall look.
  • Tucking in your shirt is another in trend to show off the stylish shorts you are in. It is the perfect style to show off that waist line. In short, it broadcasts your trendsetting ways.

Whatever shorts you choose from, it is important to know which ones make you comfortable. Do not buy any product simply because it is available; choose the ones that offers comfort and durability.