Useful Tips When Wearing Camouflage T Shirts

A walk around your neighborhood will usher you into young boys and girls sporting different shades of camouflage t shirts. It is a trend that has taken both the young and the old by storm. Everyone wants to be part of the fuss and make an alluring if not lasting impression. Unfortunately, people just buy camouflage t shirts and wear them with anything. They hardly take into account the mix and match factor, as well as the look good in a camo t shirt factor.

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To them, it is all about picking up any camo t shirt and calling it a day. Don’t be part of that wave. Make use of the following tips and remember that it is never enough to wear something trendy, you also need to look trendy and stylish, too.

Long sleeved Vs short sleeved

Unless it is winter, don’t choose long sleeves camouflage t shirts. Yes, there are some long sleeved camo t shirts that look really good. But how affordable are they? Most of them are designer camo t shirts that target the high end members of the society. There is no harm in going for them if you have the cash. But as long as plain and cheap camouflage t shirts are concerned, short sleeves take the medal. Besides, they are more comfortable and can give enough flexibility for you to move around freely.

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Dark Vs bright colors

This can be confusing for coy men and boys. It can also be daunting and confusing for ladies who are trying out camo t shirts for the first time. Dark colors are always recommended for boys and men while bright ones remain a special preserve for women and girls.

The reason is pretty much obvious. Men and boys are always into mad fun. Getting dirty is sometimes their idea of fun. Dark colors often save their day and conceal the dirt. Plus, washing dark colored camo t shirts is easier compared to washing brightly colored ones. So the next time you are out shopping for camouflage t shirts for women, give bright colors the upper hand.

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Good cover

The main aim of a camouflage t shirt is to hide your presence and make you look as part and parcel of the background. Always keep this into account anytime you want camo shorts and t shirts for a forthcoming hike or hunting mission. This is where you may have to break the first rule and consider going for long sleeved camouflage t shirts. Do the same if you are going out for the hunt or camp with your kids. Consider long sleeved kids camouflage t shirts and like already hinted, make sure they are dark colored.

Know how to match your tee

Get trendy camouflage pants to match your camo t shirts. This should not be a problem, given that camouflage pants are in all major stores and boutiques. The only thing you may want to consider is the fabric of the t shirt and that of the pants. That is simple as you already know. Simply go for cotton camo t shirts and denim or canvas camouflage pants. Whatever you choose, just ensure that you are comfortable.

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Do not go for just about any camo t shirt. Go for ones that make you look good and feel comfortable. Then make sure you find the perfect pants to match your camouflage t shirt. All in all, these tips should be more than enough to help you sport these camouflage attires in several stylish ways. Remember, mix and match so you can always come up with something fresh every day.