What to Wear with Mens Red Jeans to Have a Smart Casual Look

Selecting what to wear with mens red jeans for a smart casual look can be a daunting task. Smart casual refers to the look that you would go for when attending an informal family get together or attending any other party. It is good to be presentable without looking like a person who has just took a lot of efforts into that outfit. Getting items of clothing that go together with such jeans is easy if you follow the following dressing tips.

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Since you are in for a great look with red jeans, chances are, you are looking for a comprehensive but easy to follow guide that will help you on your way to a fabulous outfit. If you are at a loss and confused with the overwhelming choices available, this page is made just for you. Here, you’ll know exactly what to purchase and which pieces would really go well with red jeans.

Outfit Essentials with Red Jeans

  • Collared shirt

A shirt with a color is a must if you have to look smart when wearing red mens jeans. Collared shirts are effective because they match with any pair of jeans regardless of its color. You need to buy the shirts that are designed specifically for the casual wear. It is also good to ensure that the shirt matches with the accessories and other clothing you put on.

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  • Blazer

Blazers can give you that smart casual look when worn with mens red denim jeans. To ensure that you look great you can wear together with smart shoes and camo shorts. That outfit will look great for any casual event that you want to attend. Choose a blazer that fits you well to avoid looking odd.

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  • Cardigans or Jumpers

There is a wide range of cardigans and jumpers that can be great when worn with any mens red jeans. Do not choose very bright colored one because it may not match with a red jeans. The most effective cardigan to wear is one with a V-neck, so that it can match well with a collared shirt. If you decide to wear a jumper with a round neck then you should wear a plain T-shirt under it or just wear the jumper without any shirt underneath for you to look smarter especially when worn with mens red skinny jeans.

  • Shoes

A smart pair of shoes is necessary when attending a smart casual event. There are different types of shows you can wear to look great when wearing jeans. It is good to select a pair of shoes that match and complement with your casual outfit. The more appropriate colors for shoes include blue, tan, black and brown. If you decide to wear camo jeans, white sport shoes will make you have that elegant look that everyone will admire. Apart from sport shoes, leather shoes can also match well with mens red jeans.

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  • Jewelry

Purchasing jewelry can be hard for a man without looking too flashy. You can find one or two with understated details, but well made ones than many chain or bracelets. Bracelets or rings can be good but is more appropriate just to wear one or two. This also applies when wearing a watch whereby one high quality one gives a better look that wearing many of them.

Bottom Line

By following the tips give above, you sure will have a great look with your mens red jeans and have that smart casual look that everyone attending the party or any other occasion will like. And since you look good from the outside, you also will eventually feel good from the inside and gain more confidence when facing the crowd.