Boxer Shorts – Great Underwear Alternatives

Boxer shorts are underwear that has grown so much in popularity in the recent years. They were dubbed that way because they were mostly worn by professional boxers. Majority of these inner wears have a fly in front, and the producers came up with fasten methods of closing the fly which can include a zip, or a button or two. However, many boxers that are in the market do not need any fastening mechanism because the fabric used is cut and shorts are designed to adequately overlap and cover the opening completely.

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Boxer shorts first appeared in 1930s but they were not very popular because back then men were so used to briefs. It was only two decades later that these inner wears gained popularity. Nick Kaman had to wear them in a popular jeans brand which was an outdoor billboard advertisement in 1980. Today you have seen improvement of this wear as many people have now embraced them.

Styles and Materials

Mens boxer shorts are very trendy. They have come a long way and there are numerous styles and designs to choose from, ranging from tight boxer shorts to camo shorts. All you need to do is to look at some online shops and analyze the shapes and styles to pick from.

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When it comes to material, they too have come a long way. Fabrics used can include anti-bacterial fabrics which wick away the sweat, silky micro fibers and organic cotton. These boxers come in varying fabrics and one can choose any color or pattern depending on the taste and preferences. For sexy look, these boxers can be opaque, semi opaque or transparent leaving nothing to the imagination. However, most people, both men and women prefer to wear silk boxer shorts because it can easily resist sweat.

Boxer Shorts for Women

It can be uncertain whether women love boxers than the brief. This is because some think that boxers are only meant to be worn by men. However, what most people do not know is that this underwear is a concern for women as well. A significant number of women have chosen boxers instead of its counterpart due to a certain degree of crankiness attached with them.

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Stylish and well designed boxers for women enhance the actual body shape of the woman making them look sexier. Mainly, two types of fabrics are used in designing women boxers. They are worn by women as regular underwear and can be used as a casual wear in homes. Surprisingly, it is possible to spot women flaunting boxers in gyms and water sports.

Benefits of these Underwear

More and more people are now wearing boxers because of the various advantages that come with it. Here are the benefits that you should be aware of;

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  • Majority of surveys say that women prefer men in boxers.
  • The opening in front of a boxer allows convenience for men when nature calls.
  • They have more patterns, styles and colors meeting every individuals needs
  • One can take them off more easily
  • According to doctors, they can control temperature enabling men produce more sperms
  • They cover more area compared to other under wears

Some studies have proven that tight underwear and high temperature can harm a man’s sperm production. This is because the testicles are outside the body for cooling effects because sperm production happens at a low temperature. This is why boxer shorts are the best because they allow the testes function within the required temperature range. They are more photogenic, sexually less aggressive, appear like large clothes and comfortable for anyone who loves loose but fitting underwear. No wonder these boxers are the rage among modern men and women.