Fashionable Bright Colored Shorts

Bright colored shorts are really attractive and they need to be matched with the right colors so that they can appear more appealing. Well, not many people own a pair since they greatly attract attention. In this case it takes confidence to put them on.

When to Wear Shorts

The shorts could be worn to different occasions however; they are certainly not suitable when attending formal dinners. For instance, it would be inappropriate to wear them to the office.  There are different types of shorts and each is suitable for a particular occasion and place. For outdoors and casual look, camo shorts and denim shorts are appropriate. This is why it is essential to know when and where to wear them. Some of the appropriate places to have these shorts on include:

stylish bright colored shorts

  • During Summer
  • When you are going to the beach
  • During spring
  • When you are having a pool party

A lot of people who love wearing shorts with bright colors do not have any idea on how to wear them or what to wear them with. Always remember that if you are planning on keeping your shorts for more than one particular season, then you should go for classic colors. Explained below are some ideas of how you could wear these shorts and look perfect in them.

Fashion Tips on How to Wear Bright Colored Shorts

  • Wear the shorts with plain bright colors.

You can pair your shorts with a different color bright top. For example, a pair of orange denim shorts could blend in well with a yellow top. You could add to the touch by wearing accessories such as a necklace and strappy sandals. If you want, you could also have a bright colored bag. This look is simple, but perfectly fine.

  • Wear the shorts with a printed top

You can as well wear your pair of bright colored shorts with a lovely printed top. It does not matter whether it has got flowers or stripes or any other print, it will definitely blend in just fine. You can also pair you outfit with cute earrings and sandals.

  • Wear the shorts with a chambray top

You can also pair your shorts with bright colors with a classic chambray shirt, which is more common in a student’s wardrobe. Chambray is usually suitable for warm weather because its material is made with very bright colors. You could also have a chambray big belt and metallic sandals to have a trendy look.

trendy orange shorts reviews

Examples of Top Brands

  • Zumiez
  • Volcom
  • Free world
  • Hurley
  • Matchstick

If you are one of the people who like wearing the bright colored shorts like orange shorts, ensure that you pair it wisely to avoid situations where you look awkward.  Use the fashion tips mentioned above to make sure you wear an appropriate top with these shorts. You can look out for the different types of shorts in different shops and compare their prices.  You can look for these shorts from stores that sell sports clothing and you can even look from online stores.  You can also get branded ones at discounted prices if you want top quality shorts from online stores during winter season because they are not in demand.  Ensure that you as well choose the shorts from the best brands.

Board Shorts: Trendy and Comfortable

It was in the 1960s that board shorts or surfer’s shorts became popular. This is because surfing had taken over the world back then not only as a cool sport but also as a hobby. Soon it was not just the surfers who were wearing these shorts. The fashion spread far and wide and many people started wearing them just to look trendy. Earlier, these shorts were similar to swimming trunks. They had laces, seams and buttons, which made them quite inconvenient. They didn’t even dry quickly and were very uncomfortable.

best bright orange shorts for men

It was only in 1970 that John Law and Alan Green, two renowned surfers came up with these shorts that became a fashion rage instantly. Everything in these shorts was practical and comfortable for surfers to use. Keeping the requirements of surfers in mind, the material, the length, the buttons, the waistband and every other feature was designed for these shorts to serve as the best companions for surfers. They were called board shorts because they were particularly designed for surfers on their board. The first company was Quicksilver but after that numerous companies started designing them such as Puma, Billabong, Timberland, and many more.

comfortable board shorts for men reviews

Board Shorts for Men and Women

  • As aforementioned, these shorts are not just being used today by surfers. They have become so popular that you will easily find someone sporting these shorts with flip flops at malls. These are also worn by men, women and kids for picnics, for casual outings, joggers and surely by those at the beach. Some also use them when hiking, mostly worn on top of leggings.
  • Some manufacturers have also gone lengths to modify surfer’s shorts for other purposes. One example is the fight shorts. These have been designed for martial arts, taking the concept of board shorts. These don’t have any pockets and are shorter in length. They are made from super suede material.

black and white board shorts reviews

  • Floral patterns were only a thing restricted to board shorts for women earlier but with the fashion sense widening and people experimenting with designs, floral patterns have become popular with men too. Simply wearing such patterns does not give anybody a feminine feel. It is the way you carry yourself that counts. Confidence and a sense of style can take both men and women a long way with these shorts. Other than floral patterns, you can discover Hawaiian patterns and classic tropical. These are the most popular. There are even designed ones with camouflage print just like camo shorts.
  • There are also many different colors that you can choose from. Orange shorts are particularly famous for both mens and womens board shorts. White, yellow, lime green and many more are other popular colors.

 board shorts for women reviews

Board or surfer’s shorts are particularly famous because they are highly practical, comfortable and trendy. They come with many features like quick-dry, durability, fashionable and lightweight that make them an ideal piece of clothing for men and women alike. Besides surfing, they can be worn for other water sports too. There wide array of styles of these shorts for men and women available in the market to choose from as mentioned above.

A Fashionista’s Style Guide On Studded Shorts

Studded shorts are not your regular average shorts. It is as if it commands the viewer to look at you. It always gives the impression that you are fun, adventurous and stylish. Pair of shorts designed with studs is very sophisticated and yet, it has a distinct vintage touch that is very appealing. Its glittering shine will also level up an average T-shirt that will make a plain casual look a bit edgier.

Features of Studded Shorts

comfortable blue studded shorts

Simply put, these designed shorts are basically feminine shorts. The difference of these shorts against other feminine shorts is that these shorts are known for their metallic square mirror-like studs and fancy stones. The aim is to stand out in a crowd, but the beads are not the only thing that will make these shorts to grab immense attention. The shorts are extra short and usually in a high-waist cut which adds to the wearer’s sexiness and appeal that is quite liberating.

And what makes these shorts special is the fact that you can do them quite simply. The stud patterns, after all, are personalized and sewn on the denim fabric shorts or glued with an adhesive. These shiny studs will certainly give a new look and life to your old shorts or jeans cut as shorts. Some styles are made of denim fabrics which are left to ravel or shred on the edges. This can emphasize the carefree character you want to show off with your denim shorts.

cute studded denim shorts reviews

Style Variations of Studded Shorts

Like any other apparel, theses shorts do not come in one style only. Although they have the same characteristic of the stud detail, they still differ from one style to another.

  • Three-toned studded shorts. The colors of the shorts range from light, medium and dark levels. It gives an interesting variation of colors in one pair of shorts. It can be studded high waisted shorts or low rise shorts. The studs on three-toned shorts are minimal so that the three-layered color detail is emphasized. It can also be a combination of three complementary colors like red, blue and white.

pink Studded high waisted shorts reviews

  • Studded jean shorts. These shorts come in many colors and stud patterns. Red jean shorts with a cross stud pattern looks vintage with the glitzy detail. It is best for casual days. Studded denim shorts with a lot of studs are so stylish. Sometimes, it is ripped on almost every part and the hemline is shredded. This gives a rock-and-roll and rebel character to the shorts. You can do this with your old jeans that you have gotten tired of which is very easy to do. You just have to cut the jeans to the length that you like. Most of these shorts are cut very short for a sexy and carefree attitude. Arrange your studs to the pattern of your preference. You can also use fancy stones for the detail. Metallic square studs are also one of the best materials to use in making these shorts.

How to Care For Studded Shorts

studded jean shorts reviews

These shorts should not be machine washed just like other types of short such as denim shorts and camo shorts. It will lose the studs with the strong motion of the washing machine, especially if the studs are not attached strongly. It can also rip other clothes when you wash them together in the washing machine. You only have to hand-wash it or wash it solo in the washing machine.

If you notice a loose thread, immediately sew it so that the studs will not fall out from their place. If it is done with fabric glue, always inspect if all of the studs are complete. Unless it is part of the style, it is very unsightly if the pattern has one stud missing.

Stud designed shorts are very fashionable. It has a carefree rock-and-roll vibe attached to it. You can choose any cut that will suit your preference. These shorts are the best if you want to give a twist on your average denim shorts.

Top High Waisted Shorts Designs and Brands

There are so many high waisted shorts designs that choosing one can be quite grueling. Most designers work round the clock to come up with designs that are sure to meet the needs of their consumers. Your decision however, will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Common High Waisted Shorts Designs

  • Color blocked shorts
  • Leopard print shorts
  • Cuffed trouser shorts
  • Textured shorts

best high waisted shorts reviews

  • Floral print shorts
  • Polka dot shorts
  • Studded shorts
  • Acid wash shorts
  • Camo shorts
  • Destroyed denim shorts

Top High Waisted Shorts Brands

  • Balenciaga Pleated Shorts
    Balenciaga is one brand that does not need too much introduction. It is a unique brand that was founded by a Spanish couturier known as Cristobal Balenciaga. The brand represents some of the most coveted designs that never go out of season.
  • Vionnet Shorts
    Vionnet is another famous brand, that was established by Madeleine Vionnet in Paris France. This brand simply exemplifies fashion, and it is the perfect one for anyone who cares about trend setting. Although the brand was later inherited, the heritage of the founder is kept alive all through. The sophistication and elegance of the original is still respected.
  • Yves Saint Laurent
    This is yet another top brand with high quality pair of high waist shorts. Yves Saint Laurent is among the most influential brands at present. If you would like to possess some high quality and sophisticated design shorts, this is one label worth looking at. Additionally, it is a symbol of luxury, with a wide variety of luxury attire available.
  • Helmut Lang
    The Helmut Lang is another superior brand that was set up by Helmut Lang, an Australian born designer. Although it later changed ownership, the distinctive aesthetic that was initially created by Lang is still alive.
  • Emilio Pucci Shorts
    If you want vivacious colors in your high waist shorts, you should go for Emilio Pucci. It is a label known for lines and abstract shapes too. The designers still work hard to keep those vibrant prints as timeless as possible.

Tips On Wearing High Waisted Shorts

There are a couple of things you need to understand before choosing high waist shorts.

  • The most basic one is getting to know your waist line. This is one crucial factor, and if you know nothing about it, you should ask for opinions from the stores you buy your shorts from. Most of the retailers are knowledgeable on these things and are certain to help.

stylish studded shorts

  • Choose a cropped top. Combining the two ensures that no excess skin shows, which is the least you want.
  • In case you do not worry about showing skin, you can pair the high waist shorts with a bikini top. Choose carefully the bikini you wear, to ensure it goes with your shorts. You have to choose the right shoes to complement the overall look.
  • Tucking in your shirt is another in trend to show off the stylish shorts you are in. It is the perfect style to show off that waist line. In short, it broadcasts your trendsetting ways.

Whatever shorts you choose from, it is important to know which ones make you comfortable. Do not buy any product simply because it is available; choose the ones that offers comfort and durability.

Denim Shorts: Types and Steps on How to Create One

When you talk about classic and timeless fashion, denim shorts are definitely included in the discussion. They have been in style for many years now and their popularity refuses to die down or even come down a tad. Their popularity is due to the comfort and the great look they provide their wearers. You will find numerous varieties of jean shorts today. You can even make your own from your existing denim jeans.

Types of Denim Shorts

These shorts are more popular to women. However, mens denim shorts are still on the market. Here are the various types of shorts made of denim that can widen your selection option.

denim shorts reviews

  • Rolled shorts: Being among the most popular types of shorts, they are worn widely by both men and women. Like the name says, they are rolled up at the bottom. They are very elegant and classy. Some of them come with cuffs at the bottom. They usually have four pockets but these days, you can find these shorts with more pockets. You can easily find a top to pair them with.
  • Light wash shorts: If you want vintage or more stylish shorts, these are the shorts to go for. These faded shorts are loved by both men and women too. You can wear them with just about any top or tee shirt but light colors and red are the ideal choices. For women, tank tops in white color are a perfect match.

great denim shorts for women reviews

  • Ripped shorts: These are mostly worn by people of younger age or those who want to fashionable. They are ripped in several places but most often, there is a hole in the front on either side. A rip can be found at the bottom too.
  • High waist denim shorts: This type can be renamed as denim shorts for women. They are mostly worn by women in order to look chic and sexy. These shorts go well above the navel and mostly have shorter lengths compared to other types. They come in various designs like the studded shorts. Also, these shorts are available and affordable. Thus, if you want something that stands out and is cheap, these shorts should be your pick.

Creating Your Own Denim Shorts

If you want to save money or just be creative, you can make your own jean shorts from your old denim jeans. Here are some simple steps to make your own shorts.

high waist denim shorts reviews

  • If you want a faded effect from the existing color of your jeans, you could immerse the jeans in water containing bleach for an hour.
  • Ripping the jeans is a good option if you are planning to create ripped shorts.
  • One point to note in creating your shorts is the size of the jeans. If it is too large, soak the jeans in hot water for it to shrink for an hour. Otherwise, use cold water.
  • Remove all creases by ironing the jeans.

mens denim shorts reviews

  • Dry the jeans after the allotted time. Use a sketch or a marker to indicate where you want to cut them.
  • Use a ruler to aid the cutting process and neatly cut the pair of jeans along the marked lines.

Through these steps you will have your new pair of denim shorts after just several hours. The best part about any of these shorts is that they can be worn with just about any type of top or tee shirt. They can are casual shorts and can be worn in the outdoors like camo shorts but they are not made up of lightweight materials but of denim or jeans. They can make you look exceptionally modern and stylish. Find your chosen type and style or create your own shorts for a stylish and chic look.

The Versatility of Camo Shorts

The camouflage shorts that are usually known as camo shorts have taken over the fashion world for quite some time. These military types of outfits are worn by men, women as well as kids. They make for comfortable apparels for outdoor activities and casual wear also.

Features Of Camo Shorts

The unique feature of this type of clothing is that the colors blend with nature. As the name suggests, they were originally designed for hunters and soldiers to camouflage them from beasts and enemies. The materials completely blend with outdoor environment as the various earth tones like brown, tan shades and different shades of green are used in these shorts. The prints are in tune to the desert or jungle patterns.

best studded shorts reviews

The sizes are usually larger than the regular shorts and have big pockets all over the legs and the fabrics used to make these shorts are mostly cotton-knit fabrics and polyester.

Various Styles

  • These shorts go well with jackets and shirts.
  • The greatest advantages of having a few of these shorts in the wardrobe are that they can be worn for pool or beach parties as lounge wear.
  • Also as functional apparels like hunting, camping or trekking trips. They have a rugged appearance that makes them so stylish and trendy.

Modern camo shorts are available in much more shades apart from the usual ones. Since they are worn as fashion garments the colors too are have taken a different hue. Pink, gray, blue and shades of purple and orange have given an awesome look to these shorts. Girls are using these outfits to flaunt their style and shape by pairing them with sleeveless tops, fitted t-shirts along with jackets to compliment these shorts. Moreover they are very comfortable to wear and suits nearly every occasion. One has to just select the appropriate tops or shirts that will look the best with these shorts.

Shopping Tips

Since there is an array of camo shorts spread out at the outlets, it often becomes difficult to make the right choice. However here are some tips that will help in buying the best ones.

best camo shorts reviews

These shorts are available in various designs and shades nowadays. So it is wise to look out for that design which is appropriate for the event.

  • If it has to be used as a casual wear for going out with friends, then the medium weight outfits in neutral colors are just the right types.
  • For outdoor adventure trips and hunting expeditions, the original designs are perfect. Since the colors of these shorts match with the natural surroundings of green and earth colors wild animals cannot spot the hunters. Shirts in earthy colors are appropriate for such occasions.
  • However, for a cool dayout, the comfortable shorts of light colors teamed up with cool t-shirts give a sophisticated and trendy look.

For that most fashionable look the studded shorts are the best options. They are extremely comfortable as they are worn loose. They are loved by the trendy people as they can be worn out with patterned or plain tops with any kinds of sleeves and for the footwear, any style goes well with them like boots, sneakers or flat sandals. These shorts are a great addition to a stylish wardrobe.

Arm Yourself with a Pair of Walking Shorts

Walking, as simple as it may be, can be a great fitness solution. It could contribute to a healthier lifestyle. However, doesn’t it get on your nerves when you’re out for a walk and you feel heat piling up between your thighs? Walking shorts are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay comfortable while taking a simple walk. Walk shorts are pants that are more often than not cropped at any length above the knee.

Types of Walking Shorts

Some shorts have pockets and some don’t have, your choice relies on you need. For instance if you like to run with your hands simultaneously moving, then it would be best for you to get shorts that don’t have pockets. There are some features that should be commonly sort after by everyone hoping to buy a pair.

navy blue plus size walking shorts reviews

Below are some types of shorts for walking available in the market:

  • Bermuda shorts – They are semi casual trousers and can be worn by both men and women.  Best shorts when taking a light walk.
  • Cargo shorts – If you’re on a hiking mission that will be in a rugged environment than it would be better to wear cargo shorts or other shorts suitable for hiking. They need to be tough, durable and comfortable. They will most likely have lots of pockets for the purpose of carrying important items such as a map or emergency items.
  • Booty shorts – Also known as boy shorts or boy legs briefs. They are women’s shorts and they looks like boxer shorts for men.

silk satin green boxer shorts

  • Jean/denim shorts – They are shorts made from jeans or denim. They usually look like cropped jean pants.
  • Knee-length shorts – They can make short legs look shorter, but if paired with a pair of wedges they make the leg looks longer.
  • Mid-length shorts – They are known as day shorts and they fully cover flabby areas of the legs.
  • Camo shorts – They are known as camouflage shorts and usually worn by men.

Three things are important when it comes to walking shorts:

  • They need to be breathable and lightweight. This reduces the discomfort of heat as there will be adequate air supply. The best material is cotton as it allows the skin to breathe.

boxer shorts reviews

  • The material should also be quick drying. It wouldn’t serve your best interests if you were freezing all because the sweat absorbed by your clothes is taking forever to dry up.
  • It would be much better to have shorts that have an adjustable waist system. This will guarantee you’re comfortable. You won’t have to worry about your pants falling during your activity.
  • If walking in cold condition then one may consider wearing cropped trousers that still allow airflow and freedom to move around.
  • Ladies can alleviate walking comfort by wearing walking shorts for women. Some of the best shorts for ladies include the brooks Pacer Shorts, Nike Women’s Basketball Shorts, Royal Robbins Backcountry Shorts, ASICS Women’s Split Short and Nike Tempo Shorts.

stripe boxer shorts for women reviews

  • Mens walking shorts are also available in an array of designs for a variety of uses. They include the Regatta men’s shorts, Helly Hansen pace training shorts, Ron Hill advance short, Phantom Boardwalk and many others.

If you’re a plus-size person, you don’t need to be concerned about the availability of shorts suitable for your body. You will need plus size walking shorts that moves along with you without riding up or clinging to your body. For plus-size people, skin chaffing is a real problem especially in the summer. Bike-style shorts, cargo shorts and yoga capris can be very convenient. Fitness shorts such as REI Sahara Shorts, Dual-Layer Shorts and Nike Rival Running Shorts come in sizes that comfortably fit plus-sized bodies.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can get walking shorts that will change your walking experience. It would be great for you to take the initiative to make sure you are comfortable as you pursue your health and fitness goals.

Boxer Shorts – Great Underwear Alternatives

Boxer shorts are underwear that has grown so much in popularity in the recent years. They were dubbed that way because they were mostly worn by professional boxers. Majority of these inner wears have a fly in front, and the producers came up with fasten methods of closing the fly which can include a zip, or a button or two. However, many boxers that are in the market do not need any fastening mechanism because the fabric used is cut and shorts are designed to adequately overlap and cover the opening completely.

silk satin green boxer shorts


Boxer shorts first appeared in 1930s but they were not very popular because back then men were so used to briefs. It was only two decades later that these inner wears gained popularity. Nick Kaman had to wear them in a popular jeans brand which was an outdoor billboard advertisement in 1980. Today you have seen improvement of this wear as many people have now embraced them.

Styles and Materials

Mens boxer shorts are very trendy. They have come a long way and there are numerous styles and designs to choose from, ranging from tight boxer shorts to camo shorts. All you need to do is to look at some online shops and analyze the shapes and styles to pick from.

boxer shorts reviews

When it comes to material, they too have come a long way. Fabrics used can include anti-bacterial fabrics which wick away the sweat, silky micro fibers and organic cotton. These boxers come in varying fabrics and one can choose any color or pattern depending on the taste and preferences. For sexy look, these boxers can be opaque, semi opaque or transparent leaving nothing to the imagination. However, most people, both men and women prefer to wear silk boxer shorts because it can easily resist sweat.

Boxer Shorts for Women

It can be uncertain whether women love boxers than the brief. This is because some think that boxers are only meant to be worn by men. However, what most people do not know is that this underwear is a concern for women as well. A significant number of women have chosen boxers instead of its counterpart due to a certain degree of crankiness attached with them.

stripe boxer shorts for women reviews

Stylish and well designed boxers for women enhance the actual body shape of the woman making them look sexier. Mainly, two types of fabrics are used in designing women boxers. They are worn by women as regular underwear and can be used as a casual wear in homes. Surprisingly, it is possible to spot women flaunting boxers in gyms and water sports.

Benefits of these Underwear

More and more people are now wearing boxers because of the various advantages that come with it. Here are the benefits that you should be aware of;

camo shorts reviews

  • Majority of surveys say that women prefer men in boxers.
  • The opening in front of a boxer allows convenience for men when nature calls.
  • They have more patterns, styles and colors meeting every individuals needs
  • One can take them off more easily
  • According to doctors, they can control temperature enabling men produce more sperms
  • They cover more area compared to other under wears

Some studies have proven that tight underwear and high temperature can harm a man’s sperm production. This is because the testicles are outside the body for cooling effects because sperm production happens at a low temperature. This is why boxer shorts are the best because they allow the testes function within the required temperature range. They are more photogenic, sexually less aggressive, appear like large clothes and comfortable for anyone who loves loose but fitting underwear. No wonder these boxers are the rage among modern men and women.

Breaking A Sweat With An Athletic Shorts

When it comes to running, jumping, kicking or all things athletics, then athletic shorts are the way to go. One may be tempted to think that they are just like any other shorts in the wardrobe. This is however far from the truth. An athletic short is not your everyday wear. It is an essential apparel designed to alleviate athletic functioning. You will never be wrong once you try on a pair and rest assured that you will experience nothing but comfort and flexibility in your entire athletic exercise or activities.

comfortable cheap athletic shorts reviews

The Reason Why You Should Get One

If you want to be comfortable and prepared during an athletic exercise then you need to add a few athletic shorts to your wardrobe. They are made out of fabrics that take the edge out of your sweat producing body. There’s nothing as annoying as having clothes ripping in the wrong places as you kick a soccer ball or have a pair of shorts that makes you sweat even more while on your morning run. There is a variety of shorts which include run shorts, biking shorts and compression shorts.

These shorts are made out of material that “breathes”. They are often made of a blend of cotton and polyester. The fabric is thin and stretchy. Cotton is the best breathing material. This means you will not have to suffer from overheating which leads to uncomfortable sweating of the thighs and sometimes an itchy feel. Sometimes spandex is added to the fibers of an athletic short so as to increase elasticity. As good as this may be, it wouldn’t be wise to use a short only made from spandex, as air is not allowed to pass through it. This definitely causes a serious cause of the itch.

pink athletic shorts reviews

Getting Familiar With These Shorts

The length of the short depends on the athletic activity. For instance, a runner would perform better in short shorts. If runners wore shorts that are past the knees, the shorts would definitely get caught in the knees and prohibit effective movement. A basketball player would function well with shorts that are just above the knees. The shorts shouldn’t be too baggy either, as this limits the movements of the players.

best purple mens athletic shorts reviews

There are a lot of options for mens athletic shorts. Some come with a lining that allows the person to wear the short without wearing any underwear, others do not. If an athletic short does not have the lining, then one must avoid wearing boxer shorts inside the shorts. This limits air circulation, instead one should wear Under Armour boxer shorts. These shorts were designed for high intensity athletic performance. There is also a variety of options for women. Athletic shorts for women come in different shapes, colors and sizes. They are more form-fitting compared to men’s shorts.

comfortable athletic shorts for women reviews

Most people perceive that athletic shorts are way over-priced. Be that as it may, there are cheap athletic shorts that are readily available. They are not necessarily poor quality types. You can get a pair of good athletic shorts that is worth more than its price tag. So the next time you think of taking a sprint in your favorite camo shorts, think twice. The discomfort is not worth it. Think of how you will be able to focus on your activity, and not with what you are wearing. The very purpose of this type of shorts is to maximize your potential in the athletic department. It will provide unique benefits that you will seldom or never see at all in other types of shorts.  Visit your favorite online shopping portal or go to the nearest retail store and see the difference.

Splendid Spandex Shorts for Everyone

There is definitely some chemistry between spandex shorts and working out. The minute you get yourself a pair you will be looking forward to your next session. These shorts have become everyone’s favorite when it comes to working out and taking part in games. They offer maximum comfort during such times and the best part is that they come in both male and female sexes. The designs for both are different so make sure you choose the right one. Choosing the most appropriate gear is easy when you have the essential tips at hand, such as:

best blue mens spandex shorts reviews

  • Size
  • Color
  • Comfort
  • Length
  • Purpose


As much as spandex shorts expand, one should get the most appropriate size for themselves. Get shorts that fit you perfectly yet they don’t constrict you too much. An appropriate size will result in maximum comfort during your work out sessions.

colorful spandex shorts reviews


This basically means what you intend to use the shorts for. Some activities require a certain design such as pads at the hips and thighs. People susceptible to injuries during their work out or games due to the moves involved should definitely go for padded shorts. This will reduce the impact of injury experienced by the body at any given time. Volleyball spandex shorts are the most commonly used for volleyball and even other sports. They come in booty-length for women and thigh-length for men.


Nowadays, these shorts come in the usual dull colors of black and gray and also bright colors that fit everyone’s preference. The colors could be incorporated on the whole short or parts of it such as the waist band or the thigh section. They also come in several prints and patterns to make them more fashionable.

black volleyball spandex shorts reviews


These shorts come in different designs for the male and female gender. Mens spandex shorts have an allowance at the crotch to fit their members and offer maximum comfort during their sessions. Spandex shorts women have extra allowance at the back to fit the butt perfectly. This difference is extremely important since the allowances offer maximum comfort to the users. Take note of this when shopping and make sure you leave with the most appropriate product.

Camo shorts

black spandex shorts women reviews

These shorts are absolutely amazing. They are the best things to wear on that casual relaxed day of the week. Designers have become creative by making them in different colors instead of the usual jungle green. You can find these shorts in gray, brown, blue, purple and pink for the ladies. There is something for everyone since now these shorts also have pieces for the ladies. They can get them in booty-length or knee-length while men can pick their favorite shin-length or knee-length. Also, one may opt to have one with lots of pockets or just a few of them.

If you are having second thoughts about exposing your body by wearing spandex shorts bare, wear them with a long top that will cover you up to the hips. This will definitely boost your confidence and make you comfortable during your game or work out. Make your experience fun by getting a top that matches the color of your shorts; this will definitely bring out that sporty feeling.