How To Make Your Own American Flag Denim Shorts

Wearing American flag denim shorts is a true mark of patriotism. Worn by celebrities and ordinary people alike, denim American flag shorts are always a big fashion hit. While you may decide to grab a pair of these trendy camo shorts, they are quite expensive for an ordinary people considering that most of them are designed by fashion professionals. Making one for yourself at home is a wise idea. Discover how making American flag shorts is easier than most people think.

high waisted american flag denim shorts

Preparing What You Need For The DIY Project

Just like any other DIY job, there are certain things you need in order to make an outstanding quality American flag denim shorts. These include the following:

  • A painters tape
  • Form brushes
  • A stencil spray paint for fabrics
  • A piece of scrap cupboard
  • A star stencil

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These materials are readily available from your local crafts shop. However, before proceeding, it is vital to test the paint in a scrap fabric, just to make sure that you will be happy with the choice of your colors. For a top-notch finish, make sure that the white paint has a faded look while the red one is vibrant. 

Important Tips

To begin, you need to cut your shorts in accordance with the length you desire. Most importantly, the chosen paint must have either a light blue or faded blue color in order to make painting an easier job. While this do-it-yourself is not very difficult, the complicated part is where you use the star stencil. Make sure that the stencil is flat on the denim to give you a perfect result. The trick here is to put a double sided tape on the side to help them (the stars) adhere to the short before spraying it.

patriotic denim American flag shorts

And this is where the form brush comes in handy, you use it to evenly spread the paint. The size of the stars should not be a big issue as well since you only need to cut them according to the size of your chosen American flag shorts. On the same breath, you can use as many stars as you wish, but the lesser and bigger the stars are the better because it will make your short noticeable. 

Another valuable tip when making American flag denim shorts is to use a tiny brush to add tiny details and to brush up the stars. However, if you like slight imperfections, then you may just decide to leave the stars as they are.

As for the strips, there is no rule that dictates how they look like, provided that they are one inch apart. While some people may like vertical stripes, others fancy horizontal ones. As such, you can select a style that suits your taste and preference. With the aid of a painters tape, just make thick stripes from left to right or from top to bottom, depending on the style you have chosen. Be sure to leave open spaces that you will paint red later on. When you are done, carefully remove the tape and let your American flag shorts denim dry. You can also blow dry the short until the paint is completely dry.

simple American flag shorts denim

You can certainly create a good looking pair of American flag jean shorts because of the endless possibilities that you can play around with the colors and stars. There is a sexiness appeal that will come out when you wear them especially with the ladies. It is a unique idea that you can conveniently make your own design at home. Who would’ve thought that you can show your patriotism while staying cool and stylish in your outfit.

Why Buy A Denim Shirt?

A denim shirt is considered as a highly versatile clothing piece and you have different varieties to choose from in the market today. This clothing piece is not only for young individuals, but also for adults and elderly. A good quality about denim shirts that makes them essential clothing pieces is that they can be easily used in any occasion, whether casual or formal events. This piece of clothing is also considered as a staple for many individuals. If you do not have one yet in your wardrobe, you can easily find one online or at local clothing stores.


Introduction To Denim Shirts

Today, you can find a variety of colors and designs available but the most popular are the blue and black varieties. Both women and mens denim shirt are available in other colors such as red, green, yellow and many more. Always remember that denim can provide a trendy and casual look. Many designers claim that denim is a nice material and used in various ways. It is even available as a denim shirt dress for women. Aside from the various color choices, denims are also available in different textures. It is still ideal to opt for the lightweight denims since they are considered the best when it comes to quality. Choose the classic blue or black colors so that you have something to wear either for casual or formal events.

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Benefits Of Denim As A Shirt

Due to the versatile nature and defined look provided by denim clothing pieces, it can provide you with a number of benefits. As you can see, denim is no longer limited to be worn as pants. In years of improvement and development, it is inevitable that it will be used as shirt. Therefore, it is just proper to mention some of its positive attributes;

  • Versatile since denim shirts can be easily matched with pants, camo shorts, skirts and many more. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Comfortable to wear day in and day out.
  • Displays character anywhere you go.
  • Easy to embellish since you can use different accessories to accentuate the look that you want.
  • Styling options for men and women. Take the sleeve for example, by just the way curl it up or not at all, can provide you a distinct look already.

simple womens denim shirt

The womens denim shirt is considered as a popular essential piece throughout the years and does not seem to go out of style. If you are planning to purchase one, you will surely enjoy the wide selection of colors, styles and patterns. This clothing piece is available in both short and long sleeve styles, but the long-sleeve variety is more popular. During the warm season, a denim shirt with short-sleeves is preferred while the long-sleeved varieties are suitable for the cold season.

You even have the option to match your denim piece with your favorite footwear, whether it is sandals, boots or stilettos. Accessories are easy to add with your denim ensemble such as scarves or chunky jewelry in order to provide accents to your overall look. For those who love to wear skirts, denim shirts can easily go well with different styles of skirts whether to achieve a casual or formal look. 

ordinary denim shirt dress

Overall, a denim shirt is definitely a lovely addition to the wardrobe of both men and women. Due to its versatile nature, you can easily combine it with your existing clothing pieces in order to come up with an ensemble that flaunts your own personal style. It is also a useful piece that can be used for either casual or formal events.

Mens Denim Shorts – How To Wear Them Right

Denim – where would men’s wear be without mens denim shorts? For centuries now, these shorts have formed a significant part of many people’s wardrobe, if not the backbone of it. Despite of its uneven presence, there is no denying that denim has been given a recognition this summer. It is no wonder that some of the best designers have chipped in to champion for this rugged fabric.

Breezier and far more comfortable than the full-length shorts, denim shorts for men are more weather friendly, especially as the transition from winter to autumn begins. These shorts provide a perfect alternative to other versions like chinos, and remain a popular choice, especially for denim-heads come summer.

premium mens denim shorts

Even though mens denim shorts still remain a controversial choice in some quarters, the trend is slowly but surely fading away. In the last couple of years, these shorts have become a popular choice, cementing themselves as an ideal choice for many during the hot summer months. With many people giving a wide berth to of jeans for these trendy shorts, the popularity of camo shorts is not likely to wade off any time soon. . But what is the best way to wear mens denim cargo shorts?

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Whether your denim shorts are a Do It Yourself effort or a conventional purchase, you need to understand that these are casual pieces. Even though short suits continue to generate heated debates when it comes to men’s wear, denim shorts are an exception. They will continue to rule the world of fashion with regards to casual wear, as long as they are worn the right way – with tees, not ties.

Just like any short wear, length is imperative when it comes to short denims for men. A knee length, for instance, provides a relaxed appearance that suits the casual ensembles. However, they certainly should not extend further than the knees. After all, they are shorts and should remain so. Anything longer than that would give an impression of a three-quarter.

simple mens denim cargo shorts

If you want to have a more versatile look, then choosing denim short with a slightly higher cut that ends a couple of inches above your knee will undeniably put your fears to rest. Currently, it is the type of cut that is favored by many within industry trends, especially among those who want to wear shorts higher than the traditional trainer and t-shirt combination. An excellent choice in this case is mens white denim shorts, depending on the t-shirt you want to pair them with. 

Whatever your preferred length, you need to keep your shorts less bulky. They need to retain their clean linen but bulky pockets will certainly not help with this. You can add a finer detail by adding a roll-up, especially if yours is a D.I.Y. But what makes them so popular? Well, mens denim shorts are crafted from natural and breathable cotton that puts moisture at bay. The material used is soft and comfortable on the body besides being considerably low on maintenance. Mens black denim shorts, for instance, is a natural choice that effectively accessorizes well with a number of t-shirts. In addition to that, these shorts are strong and durable, giving you a better investment on your money.

cool mens black denim shorts

Mens denim shorts can save you a lot of trouble when you want a quick casual attire on an average day. You can spend time with friends and families while staying comfortable all the time. The versatility allows you to achieve different casual looks that is appropriate for any setup. Keep your look simple and it will simply workout as planned with minimum effort.

A Closer Look At Denim Jacket

Everybody needs and loves to wear jackets and you are missing something if you don’t have a denim jacket in your wardrobe. It’s true that men can be one dimensional sometimes when it comes to fashion and they would tend to choose the safe side or they just don’t really care at all. However, jackets made of denim is just a few outfit that any man would not think twice in wearing. It may be associated with the denim pants because of its versatility and universal use. On the other hand, women just can’t let go of their denim jackets knowing that the popular type of clothing might be needed anytime.

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Denim Jackets for Him

Mens denim jacket has a lot of qualities that are acceptable for men. They are masculine, hard wearing and can be worn at any given situation. They are just so versatile that even fashion conscious men find it extremely convenient when the weather suddenly changes. Sudden climate changes can leave anyone in a rather awkward situation when it comes to dressing appropriately. And sometimes, even weather forecast are not that accurate leaving you confused on what to wear for the rest of the day. Unlike women, men can wear a single outfit for the rest of the day and even more if the situation calls for it.

The denim fabric can protect you from a sudden gush of rainfall, just enough for you to find a place to cover. It can also keep you warm on a windy or chilly situation. Denim is such a very versatile material that almost every type of clothing has a version made of the denim fabric.

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Denim Jackets for Her

On the other hand, it a totally complete playing field when you talk about women and the womens denim jacket. Just like men, women also acknowledge the fashion versatility of the denim jackets. Its functional value is second to none and that is why denim jackets for women comes in different forms and styles. As mentioned earlier, the denim fabric can be made into virtually any type of clothing for both men and women. The best example is the cropped jacket. Women love to wear cropped jacket because it highlights their curves and makes them look taller. Considering the functional value of denim and fashion essence of a cropped jacket, it paved the way for the cropped denim jacket and women love it almost instantly when they are made available.

best cropped denim jacket

Even kids have a denim jacket especially made for them. It is a great value for your money if you own this type of jacket. Just like jeans, the quality of the jacket will never go out of style and you can still wear them even if the texture and color has changes after some time, because the supposed change of the denim material is another unique fashion look. The denim jacket is so versatile that you can pair it with any type of pants and shorts, if the weather allows it. You can try a combination of camo shorts and denim jackets for a rugged look in a hot afternoon. At some point, make sure that you are properly insulated and wear the jacket over your clothes to retain your look even under a very chilly situation.

best womens denim jacket

The denim jacket is part of a person growing up. You are not fully introduced to the fashion world if you miss out this type of clothing. Make sure that you are aware of the available choices as they will come in different forms, shapes and styles. Make yourself comfortable in wearing such jacket because they are really worth every penny from your pocket.

Do-it-yourself Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a pair of short pants made from the denim fabric. They are called shorts because they look literally short covering from the low waist to about one-thirds of the thighs. This design of shorts made it one of the most used shorts not only by celebrities but also of fashionable women all over the world. These hip and cool shorts have probably originated in the late 1800’s and has garnered a worldwide acceptance because of its breezy, flexible and more comfortable version of the long pants.

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Step in DIY Denim Shorts

There are readily available types of shorts in the market including camo shortshigh waisted denim shorts and many more; but a better way to have your very own personalized denim short is through your own do-it-yourself creativity. Learn how to make or rev up your own denim shorts in these following tips:

  • For Unused Pants

    • Get one pair of unused denim pants. Make sure you haven’t used the pants for about a year before you decide to make it into a pair of shorts.

    • Assemble the materials you will need to start the DIY project. You will need the following materials:

      • Scissors, tape measure, cloth markers, thread and needle, embellishments such as buttons and beautiful beads, glue gun, glue stick

    • Mark the level of the pants where you want to make the shorts. You can mark 2-3 inches above the knee level or if you want a sexier shorts, you can measure as high as 6 inches above the knee.

    • Start cutting at the level where you placed your marker.


best high waisted denim shorts

    • For a distressed denim shorts look, brush the edges of the short pants to create a torn out effect. To prevent fabric being torn up all the way, sew the edges just enough to secure the fibers in place and prevent from derailing fabric all the way to the top.

    • For a clean cut look, fold the edges at least half an inch and sew with a thread and needle.

    • Add some embellishments such as beads, buttons and other shiny objects that can adhere to the fabric. You can also use glue gun to stick in the embellishments. Just make sure that when you wash the shorts you don’t scrape of the embellishments with heavy brushing.


best denim shorts

  • For Old Boring Denim Shorts

    • To bring life to a lifeless denim shorts, you can add embellishments with it or better yet be creative with paint. You can paint in beautiful creations of whatever you wish to make it look revitalized.

    • You can cut your old shorts to make it shorter and put in some designs.

    • You can transform it into distressed shorts by cutting some portions and brushing them with a steel brush to create a perfect distress look.


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Plus Size

If you have a plus size body and you are not confident about wearing sexy denim shorts, you can find plus size denim shorts available for women who have a voluptuous figure. No need to worry of not fitting in because the modern fashion has extended its way in addresses clothing concerns of women with plus size figures. You can even have your old denim jeans transform into your very own pair of shorts using the tips written here. After all, being fashionable is being confident with yourself and how you carry yourself and respond to how others see you. Don’t worry about the critics that hinder plus size women to have the freedom to wear in anything they want. Everyone has equal rights when it comes to clothing. Confidence is the key. You must have love for yourself and go out there to express how wonderful person you really are inside you.