How to Get the Best High Waisted Black Shorts

Everything about high waist black denim shorts has got something to do with simplicity. From the way they are worn to how they are washed and stored, it is all about keeping it simple yet unique and trendy. Make no mistake about it though, you can wear you high waisted black shorts to formal events. That is if you blend them well with the right top and some accessories.

So just what does it take to have a pair of these black shorts that will make you look good and give you value for your money? What must one do to look cool in these shorts? Are there pitfalls to keep away from? These are just some of the questions that this article is going to answer for you.

shopping for high waisted black shorts

Care and maintenance tips


  • Store your shorts well

Yes, camo shorts and high waisted black shorts last for long. But this does not mean washing them and throwing them into the wardrobe like most ladies do with their tights. For starters, always wash black high waisted shorts separately. That is if you are into hand washing or if the label on the short demands that the shorts be hand washed. Do not at any given time soak the shorts with other colors as this will leave the shorts stained.

Then hand your shorts somewhere cool but not hot. Let them dry in the sun for just a few hours. Unless you want them to fade, just don’t let them dry for more than three hours in the sun. Try your best to follow these tips to ensure a long lasting aesthetic appeal for your pair of shorts.

  • Iron them

There is a common misconception that you cannot and should not iron casual high waisted black denim shorts. The fact that they are casual should not be a ticket for the wearer to look floppy. Take time to iron them, especially if they are loose fitting high waist shorts.

boxing camo shorts

Plain or patched?

It all depends on one’s preferences. It also depends on the fabric. You cannot for instance have high waist cotton shorts with studs. They will just look funny on you. Having that said, choose denim or black leather high waisted shorts with studs or patches. Keep in mind too that patches look great on slim fitting high waist shorts. On the contrary they don’t look as good in loose fitting ones. With this information in mind, you should be able to choose the right one that you can buy and wear.

nice black high waisted shorts

Loops, zippers and buttons

These are areas so many ladies choose to ignore when shopping for black high waist shorts. Go for shorts with tiny loops as these shorts look great with tiny belts. There are high waisted black shorts that can be worn with big conspicuous belts but again, they don’t look that good. As of zippers and buttons, it is really up to you but on any given day, buttons take the medal. Zippers work for men but not for the ladies. Then make sure that whether you choose buttons or zippers, the fly’s aligning should always be to the left.

simple high waisted black denim shorts

Finding the best pair

There are simple things you can look for in high waisted black shorts to ensure you get the best fit. They may take time but at the end of the day, you have to look good. Just don’t get tired to look for buttons instead of zippers of slim fitting shorts instead of loose fitting ones. At the end of the day, you will see just how it is worth all the effort.