Splendid Spandex Shorts for Everyone

There is definitely some chemistry between spandex shorts and working out. The minute you get yourself a pair you will be looking forward to your next session. These shorts have become everyone’s favorite when it comes to working out and taking part in games. They offer maximum comfort during such times and the best part is that they come in both male and female sexes. The designs for both are different so make sure you choose the right one. Choosing the most appropriate gear is easy when you have the essential tips at hand, such as:

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  • Size
  • Color
  • Comfort
  • Length
  • Purpose


As much as spandex shorts expand, one should get the most appropriate size for themselves. Get shorts that fit you perfectly yet they don’t constrict you too much. An appropriate size will result in maximum comfort during your work out sessions.

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This basically means what you intend to use the shorts for. Some activities require a certain design such as pads at the hips and thighs. People susceptible to injuries during their work out or games due to the moves involved should definitely go for padded shorts. This will reduce the impact of injury experienced by the body at any given time. Volleyball spandex shorts are the most commonly used for volleyball and even other sports. They come in booty-length for women and thigh-length for men.


Nowadays, these shorts come in the usual dull colors of black and gray and also bright colors that fit everyone’s preference. The colors could be incorporated on the whole short or parts of it such as the waist band or the thigh section. They also come in several prints and patterns to make them more fashionable.

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These shorts come in different designs for the male and female gender. Mens spandex shorts have an allowance at the crotch to fit their members and offer maximum comfort during their sessions. Spandex shorts women have extra allowance at the back to fit the butt perfectly. This difference is extremely important since the allowances offer maximum comfort to the users. Take note of this when shopping and make sure you leave with the most appropriate product.

Camo shorts

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These shorts are absolutely amazing. They are the best things to wear on that casual relaxed day of the week. Designers have become creative by making them in different colors instead of the usual jungle green. You can find these shorts in gray, brown, blue, purple and pink for the ladies. There is something for everyone since now these shorts also have pieces for the ladies. They can get them in booty-length or knee-length while men can pick their favorite shin-length or knee-length. Also, one may opt to have one with lots of pockets or just a few of them.

If you are having second thoughts about exposing your body by wearing spandex shorts bare, wear them with a long top that will cover you up to the hips. This will definitely boost your confidence and make you comfortable during your game or work out. Make your experience fun by getting a top that matches the color of your shorts; this will definitely bring out that sporty feeling.