The Black High Waisted Shorts in Your Wardrobe

They say it is easy to look good in anything as long as it is black. That is true, because black blends well with just about any color. That is in fact why black high waisted shorts are always in demand. They are huge fashion highlight not just for summer but even for those daring enough to sport them in spring. They bring about the image of a woman who understands that image matters more than anything else before one speaks. But like anything else, there is always the tricky if not challenging part when it comes to black high waisted shorts. You have to put on the right footwear and ideal tops. Here is how to go about the whole thing.

ordinary black high waisted shorts

Belly Shirts and Low Waist Shirts

These two are like twins. They fit into each other like jigsaw puzzles. The only caveat that comes along with such as an outfit is the fact that it is casual. You cannot, and should not try to put on black high waisted shorts and belly shirts to work. You should also be keen to find colors that bring out the best in you.

special and branded camo shorts

Khaki or Canvas?

This is one big question that so many women struggle with. Truth is, black denim high waisted shorts will always take the medal. Khaki is, for starters, more durable than canvas and more manageable to handle. This does not mean in any way that canvas high waist shorts are out of fashion. They are just as popular and adorable as denim.

Considering to Wear Tights?

They are a YES! YES!. Thousands of public figures on fashion magazines are there to prove this. You only need to be careful once again with color of the tights you wish to wear with your black high waist shorts. You can choose to keep things simple and do black tights and black high waist shorts or you can be more daring and go for purple or navy blue. Just don’t go for dark red tights unless you have camo shorts on.

nautical high waisted black shorts

To Tuck In Or Not to Tuck In

As far as high waisted black shorts are concerned, tucking in is cool. It is the easiest way to highlight the fact that you have high waist shorts on. You should however note that tucking in unisex t shirts in high waist is not cool. Tuck in lady t shirts and butterfly sleeve blouses and see how gorgeous you will look. The tuck in look is more encouraged for slimmer and taller women, but with the right clothing, you can still good on them as long as you highlight your best asset.

Picking The Right Shoes

Women and shoes are just like men and sports. It is therefore normal to get spoilt for choice when looking for the best shoes to wear with your high waisted black denim shorts. Try on cuffed heels, wedges or sandals and you will have hit the nail right on its head.

simple high waisted black denim shorts

It is easy to look good in black high waist shorts. Easy because black is an easy color to match with other colors. You only need to be careful with your style. Style in the sense that you may have to contemplate tucking in or not or the kind of shoes to wear. Figure these puzzles out and you will surely look hot anytime of the day. Don’t pressure yourself if you can’t pull it off on the first few attempts, your friends are always there to help you out. You can also visit or read articles on how to look great with these outfits and make sure that you have the guidelines of the basic dos and don’ts.