Things to Consider When Looking For Jean Shorts for Women

When it comes to choosing the right jean shorts for women, individuals ought to first consider their body type so that they can end up with the right choice. Remember that shorts show much of the skin around the legs especially if they are very short and therefore you have to have the appropriate fit.

The season of wearing shorts is almost here and so many women are out to look for something which will look really nice on them. The good thing about jeans shorts is that at times they can be worn when one is just out for holiday or an evening party.

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How to Choose the Right Jeans Shorts for Women

Choosing a pair of shorts that flatters your figure is very important so that the look can be good entirely. There are so many women out there who are afraid of wearing shorts because they really do not feel comfortable in them because of their body shape. Below are some of tips that women with different body types can follow to end up with the best choice.

  • Pear shape

Pear shaped women have many advantages when it comes to dressing up. To choose the best blue jean shorts for women, go for the midrise style so that you can show off your waist. Also do not focus so much on tight jeans as they may just add to the bulk. Pleated shorts which allow you to use a belt will look really nice.

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  • Petite shape

Sometimes when you are dressing up a petite figure you ought to be careful. Shorts can be tricky but even so you can still find something appropriate. Go for cropped shorts and the brighter the color the better. You can look for white j, red and other bright colors that indicate fun and you will be comfortable.

  • Athletic shape

This is the boyish shape and is very easy to dress especially in shorts. Women with this kind of body can really look nice in camo shorts. Because they have great legs, the short can be shorter and flap pockets on the shorts can help give an illusion of curves. Women with long legs can wear shorts with long seam lines. You do not have to fear about the price because you can still get cheap jean shorts for women without spending so much.

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What to Look Out For When Purchasing Jean Shorts for Women

Jeans shorts come in different sizes, designs and even shapes. In case it’s your first time to get a pair and you are wondering what to go for then, below are the most important factors to consider before purchase.

  • Size. This is very important. Look for something that fits well and not at the tag. Most important is the hip size because the waist is easy to rectify.
  • Inseam. This can also be considered especially if you are really short.
  • Rise. The rise can either be low-rise or mid-rise depending with your figure.
  • Style. This varies and you will find many options but also remember that even if it looks good that doesn’t mean that it will be suitable for all body types.
  • Color. This is also of importance and though most people prefer blue and white jean shorts for women, you can still find other colors that will still look good.
  • Texture. The texture of the jean shorts for women should also be focused on so that you do not end up with something that is not durable.


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And those were the basic but noteworthy aspects that the buyer should look at when buying jean shorts. Use this guide when shopping for one to ensure that you are making a sound choice.