What to Remember When Wearing Camouflage Shirts

It goes without saying that camouflage shirts are just as popular as camo shorts and jeans. Their popularity is up there with the finest fashion attires. That is exactly why not having them is great fashion crime. You just cannot afford to miss them, especially during summer when all you want to do is wear a comfortable shirt and enjoy barbecues at your backyard.

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There is however a new breed of men who have taken this whole camouflage attire business too far. They have misled other men and women into a not so appealing way of dressing in these shirts. To save yourself from being associated with this breed, here are a few suggestions that you can try.

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Do’s and don’ts to remember


  • Never put on a tie with a camouflage shirt

This is just going overboard for a lack of a better word. The reason is obvious even for the Average Joe who knows nothing about fashion. Truth is, camouflage shirts are meant to be strictly casual.There is no way you can blend an official look into the attire and still manage to look good. There is only one exception to people who can do that. You guessed it right; clowns. Needless to say, if you don’t want to be a laughing stock, never attempt wearing this kind of accessory with your camouflage shirt.

  • Don’t tuck it in

Now this is where most men start wincing. There is nothing bad about that because people learn from mistakes. It is acceptable to tuck in camouflage t shirts but not so when it comes to camouflage shirts. Just like camouflage shorts, they are meant to be strictly casual. This bring about another don’t rule.

  • Don’t wear it to work

Unless it is one of those rare theme days at work, just don’t put on your camouflage shirt when going to work. You can only do so if your work environment allows you to put on just about anything. Like they say, impressions really matter at work. No one will take the guy in a camouflage shirt seriously.

  • Make sure you match your outfit well

Women have no problem with this at all. There are just so many shoes and pants that go well with camouflage shirts for women. Men on the other hand often have an uphill task, which is totally needless. Like any fashion expert will tell you, always go for dark colors if you are a man and bright colors if you are a woman. It is that simple. You will find out how relatively easy it is to find matching pants and accessories once you start following this tip.

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Nylon camouflage shirts are just not very advisable. They are not that breathable and comfortable compared to polyester and cotton. That is in fact why most camouflage shirts for men are made from cotton or polyester. They are easy to wash and are extremely comfortable. If you are planning to wear your shirt as you go about your outdoor activities, you definitely want something really comfortable at all times.

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In conclusion

You may not know it but there is an unwritten code that men and women must adhere to when it comes to how they dress. Some attires are strictly casual while others are semi casual for lack of a better word. Problem is, there is a thin and almost invisible line that separates the two kinds of attires. The above mentioned guide will save your day if for one reason or another you are in the gray area in regard to how and when you should wear your camouflage shirt.