White High Waisted Shorts: Bringing Back the Old and Classic Style

Katy Perry, Pink, Nicole Richie and Rihanna have one thing in common; they are all fond of white high waisted shorts. They bring back the old style that words cannot describe. Fortunately, looking just as good as them in these shorts is no brainer at all. You can do it in actually less than 10 minutes and head out for a walk as you leave men ogling.

All you have to do is accessorize you look, blend the right colors and of course choose the right fabric. Do all these and experience what it means to showcase and boast of beautiful legs. To make this quest even easier and more exciting, here are some tips that you can surely use to your own advantage.

ripped white high waisted shorts

Accessorize in style

This is the thumb rule when it comes to pulling off a princess kind of look. You don’t have to go for fancy jewelry or overly colorful scarves. The reason is as you may have already guessed, simple. Black and white high waisted shorts are colors that already look good on their own. For those who prefer simple casual looks, it is ideal to just put on the shorts with a red or say pink blouse and call it a day.

dark ranger camo shorts

You can also go for a collared top but of course, never overdo it. Buttons and sequins are not highly recommended as they will only steal the scene away from the shorts. For those who crave for a more sophisticated look, much is needed from the hair style all the way to footwear.


It’s all about simplicity. Since most of these shorts are casual, it won’t be fitting to complete that casual look with a serious hair style. A simple style such as pony tail will do. You can also let your hair fall back so as to complete that relaxed kind of look that white high waisted denim shorts portray with ease. Braids are good as long as they look simple yet casually done.

distressed white high waisted denim shorts


It is good to go for plain white high waisted shorts but then again that is just too common. Try something more creative such as white lace high waisted shorts with colorful hems. White shorts lined with pink, black or even red hems look really good. There are several designs and styles that you can actually choose from so you won’t ever have to worry about bumping into another person who is wearing the exact same pair as you are.

Loose or tight?

This is where casual and semi casual get separated. Tight high waist shorts are strictly official while loose ones synonymous with camo shorts are semi casual. One good thing with the latter is the fact that they are universally accepted as a great fashion idea. With the former however, you have to ensure that no one around you gets offended by your tight white high waisted shorts outfit. They are ideal for summer when everyone seems to be in them. To bring out that summer vacation kind of look, wear the shorts with a belly shirt.

simple white high waisted shorts outfit

Leaving a great impression

You can always come up with your own unique styles with white high waisted shorts. It is easy and works to your advantage by making you stand out in any crowd. Just make sure that your choice of colors match with your white high waist shorts with ease. Make sure too that your choice of shoes do the same. You may have a difficult time selecting the best shoes, so keep things simple and stick to sandals or denim rubber shoes with your white high waist shorts. Remember it is all about looking good in the shorts and leaving people with lasting impressions.