Why Wrangler Cargo Shorts Are A Must Have For Men

Talk of timeless fashion pieces and the next thing you are going to hear of is wrangler cargo shorts. They have made and are still making indelible fashion statements all over the world. Strangely, no one thought this would happen about a decade ago. Back then, wrangler cargo shots and camo shorts were a preserve for men who spend most of their time working outdoors. It was not very common to see or bump into men wearing these shorts for casual dates and other similar stuff.

original wrangler cargo shorts

They were also expensive, which meant that they were also a preserve for those who could afford. Not so today. Fashion powerhouses have swiftly moved to ensure that every person has a pair of wrangler cargo shorts for men in his wardrobe. You only need to be keen during winter to see how true this is. Sadly, some men still miss the point and commit great wardrobe malfunctions with camo attires. Here is how to avoid such blunders.

Go For zippers

As much as possible stay away from wrangler shorts that feature too much buttons. Leave buttons for women. There is always something attractive with dark colored wrangler hero cargo shorts full of pockets that close with zippers. And it is not just the aesthetic value that makes zippers great. With pockets that close with buttons it is easy – in fact, very easy to lose your items. It is also easy to embarrass yourself with a fly that closes in with buttons should the buttons fall off. These reasons seem more than enough for men not to opt for buttoned wrangler shorts.

trademark camo shorts


Whichever fabric you prefer, always ensure that your wrangler mens cargo shorts make you comfortable. You must be able to move around with ease without stretching the fabric. One fabric that has all these attributes is khaki.

Khaki offers great support and flexibility especially if you prefer something that can really last for a long period of time. You don’t even have to worry about the color fading off as time goes by. If for one reason or the other you don’t like khaki, consider canvas. Either way, the following should always be your prerequisite for quality camouflage shorts:

  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Flexibility


navy wrangler hero cargo shorts

Pockets and belt loops

It’s hard to look trendy in wrangler cargo shorts without huge belt loops and pockets. It is actually those four or sometimes even six pockets that often attract men to wrangler cargo shorts. Huge belt loops on the other hand simply allows you to clip just about anything on them. In a nutshell, the shorts save you from the inconvenience of losing your phone, mp3 player of car keys. While choosing, consider the size of pocket that you ideally want. Others prefer deep and wide pockets while some simply go for the typical size.

Choose your style

You can never go wrong with these cargo shorts. You can always look good in them on any given day. All you need to do is choose your style; one that complements you and that is acceptable where you work. For instance, drawstring wrangler cargo pants and shorts are ideal for healthcare professionals who work in a first paced environment. They allow them to change quickly and are just too comfortable to ignore. Other common styles like board wrangler cargo shorts are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking.

checkered wrangler cargo shorts for men

Make sure you have at least two pairs of wrangler cargo camouflage shorts. You will need them in summer and anytime you plan to go for a safari within the tropics. Don’t worry about their price. If you can afford designer denim jackets, you can afford wrangler cargo attire, too.